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Travel across the complex rocky cliffs of the Grey Mountains into the clean and controlled city of B&W to meet up with your love waiting for you. Interact with the environment, solving puzzles and leaving a small trail of colour as you run, jump and even travel by Skytrain to explore this world.
So, this sequel to Colour My Heart (which you SHOULD play before this) is considerably larger and more detailed. I spent a LOT more time working on this one, with a new (but still not perfect) physics code and a lot more detail in the artistic landscape. The game is considerably longer to beat as well, and I have taken into consideration some user input.

Controls are simply use the arrow keys to move, with Up to jump, and interact with objects by clicking them with the mouse. Interactable objects are identifies with a little sparkle. Also, hover over signs to read them. Right-Click to access in-game menu, including going back to Main Menu.
Please note that there is a slight glitch with the physics, and can rarely teleport the player around a little. Although very uncommon, I have taken precautions to send the user back to the Main Menu upon teleporting off-stage.

//It appears that my original stage size was too big! Unfortunately this meant no sleep for a night re-alligning everything to fit into a smaller resolution. This also meant some of the graphics slightly break continuity. Anyways, if you encounter any issues, just PM me. Thanks~
//If you get an error where the game does not play properly, just re-load.

Special thanks to my friend Coin who did all the music for me. =D
Anyways, thats it from me right now. Enjoi~~

//Daily Feature and some epik scores! (4.37 atm =o). So happy! =^,,^= *dances*
//Weekly........... o,,O;; Nyuuu~~ =^,,^=
//OOOoooooooo! Flash Portal History!!! Many thanks~! =3



Just down right perfect, from the storyline to every single little detail that made this game AMAZING!


That was beautiful. Not that I'm surprised. I've viewed your entire Colour my Series, and this one was the turning point, I'm sure. One, it introduces the sparkling stuff that you can click on, and two, it introduces the signs, but it still keeps the same message.
When I got to the place with the house, and the sign was tempting me to stay there, it may seem crazy, but I did want to stay...a little. I was just curious, and I could see a future of me living in that house forever, with no way out and no girlfriend. I could almost see myself opening the door into that nice, warm house...maybe my girlfriend could live here with me...but I already have a house...but I can't get back...but she's expecting me...but then I have to jump...but then...so I jumped.

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touching and the message at the end was cool, colours should have played a bigger role though.

SilverStitch responds:

Thank you~

less is more

such a simple concept doesn't need a long complicated review.
sure it has glitches but when that happened i played all the way threw the game to now what happens. the reason why i continued wasn't because of clever puzzles or exciting action. It was because i wanted to reach my loved one.
so little story, but yet so much.

very nice

Only by reading the name I knew it was made by the artist of 'colour my heart' (doesn't seem difficult acctually) but everything u make is made with a part of yourself.. I think it is like that, no? =p

very nice

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4.44 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2009
2:58 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
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