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Pokemon HD: Ep 1

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Pokemon HD: Episode 1

Pokemon HD comes to Newgrounds feturing a story which introduces a new female character called Penelope who is the hero. The story follows her story which is based parallel to the anime series Pokemon Galactic Battles. Unlike the anime series, the protagonist (Penelope) is reluctent to battle with Pokemon at the beginning but soon realises the importance of doing so.

Penelope has an ambition to become a Pokemon nurse, as her love for Pokemon is more about healing and careing for rather than battleing them to win titles and prizes.

I hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to seeing future episodes!

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Even in 2020 we still don't own HD monitors and flash cannot be more up-to-date. Make this in 4k please XD Still trolling around?


ppl really shouldt do this i mean cm on dont waste ppls time


bahahahahaha this is hilarious dude

This sucks balls.

This is a retarded joke. Seeing the assholes names listed prolly a big hint. All they ever do is Make retarded insulting videos that make people hate them and they use the song related links to make them seen when the songs aren't even used. You guys don't have anything better to do than get flamed, do you?

Heil responds:

u suk balls

Seriously people?

Its a joke, aka there is no movie, if it was real it would have an error message not a custom one with POKEMON ON IT, use common sense people.

Heil responds:

i programed a custome error