River City Ransom: REDUX2

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River City Ransom: Redux 3 is out. View it at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=118673
This is a Tribute/Parady of one of my favorite NES games of all time: River City Ransom.

I had to rip the sprites myself and it was very tedious.

THIS IS THE SECOND EPPISODE. If you haven't watched the first one you probably should. It should still be on the "Daily Feature" list.

In this eppisode Ryan is introduced and the two guys find out what they have to do to get River City back to normal.

Please give me feedback, I am turning this into a series untill Alex gets to the end boss.


try inproving it

too much reading have you ever heard of voice overs and that gay music the games good but your discracing it

Ryan goes ballistic. Story at 11.

Woah. Since when can the RCR dudes knock guys through buildings with Goku-style power blasts? I like the original, basically realistic style of RCR better, personally, but I guess it was a unique touch. I liked this one better than the first for several reasons, reasons that I'm not going to go into. You'll just have to ponder, since I know the mystery of the details of my decisions will keep you awake at night. Bwahahaha!

So says Dr. Manhattan...

Learn Actionscript

If you want to learn how to make a preloader, or make buttons, you should visit http://www.virtual-fx.net. They've got a lot of good tutorials on many aspects of flash.

RedXIII-4 responds:

Okay, Yeah I know I should prolly learn that stuff, believe me I have tried. Its just when I think about my stuff I think to myself that the peeps in showbusiness don't have buttons in the movie theaters and stuff so I shouldn't need it. Okay I know thats dumb, but I have tried and since this seems to work okay I'll prolly leave it the same, I think the content of the movie is still good and preloaders don't seem to me to help speed up the process any.


Nothing too thrilling..

To be honest, this didn't exactly seem inspired. Plus, the typos kinda took it down. (I can't remember ones I saw in dialogue, but "originally", in the credits, was spelt "orriginally". Plus, Firestarter by Prodigy was credited as "Track 8". :-/)
And I thought the Dragonball stuff brought it down.

wha the?

ok, good concept of a river city ransom flash movie and all, but you blew the whole thing out of proportions. Unless "big fireball of death" is being sold at the Flatirons book store along with 90% copies of "Fatal Steps", I think you should keep things down to earth.

besides, does Slick have some kind of death ray or something?

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May 4, 2002
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