River City Ransom: REDUX2

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River City Ransom: Redux 3 is out. View it at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=118673
This is a Tribute/Parady of one of my favorite NES games of all time: River City Ransom.

I had to rip the sprites myself and it was very tedious.

THIS IS THE SECOND EPPISODE. If you haven't watched the first one you probably should. It should still be on the "Daily Feature" list.

In this eppisode Ryan is introduced and the two guys find out what they have to do to get River City back to normal.

Please give me feedback, I am turning this into a series untill Alex gets to the end boss.


Great work

I loved this movie as well as the first one. River City Ransom is one of the best things to base flashes on, and you did it perfectly. Taking it to a whole new level with the energy beams and such made it more interesting, like a special improved version of the original RCR fighting styles. If nobody else notices, this guy not only ripped the sprites from the game, but every gang member (bosses not included) were custom sprites, not direct rips. That means he took the time to make it that much better. I rip sprites myself, including TONS of RCR sprites, which can be found at my site, www.geocities.com/eight_ball_comics, but as I write this, Geocities is down, and has been for a while so I don't know if the site will work. But anyway, great movie, and I definetly hope you make more.


Good but the I hated how you used DBZ style fighting.Can't wait for next ep.

Best Game Ever

That was my favorite video game ever, you did an awesome job on these movies, I can't wait to see the next. You should add a scene when he takes a shower (maybe with the Outkast song- "So Fresh, So Clean") that's one of the funniest scenes. I also like how you have the cast @ the end.
It makes you wonder why they never made another River City Ransom for like PS2 or somethin, u know?

that was the truth!!

All i have to say is ,Damn now i have to pull out my nintendo and get a game of rcr on. That flash was the shit! Ryan fucked those dudes up. The music kicked ass. I got hype when i heard that prodigy music start when ryan went off on those guys. And the last guy and anyone else who thinks dbz sucks is on crack!! I cant wait to see what happens with the dragon twins.

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MAN!! That was so cool! I loved it all *coffee break* I can't wait to see the next one! I'll SOO come to NG like... EVERYDAY to see if the next one is out yet! AHHH!! You killed Jim Carry! You... DESENIGRATED HIM!!! And... you also killed Bill Murray... man... Like I said, I really love these movies! Keep them coming! I guess you can say that I'm a fan of yours!!!!

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May 4, 2002
7:24 PM EDT