Batman and Reptar

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So yeah, this is it, Batman and Reptar. I got this idea back when I was in the bathroom a few weeks ago - I don't know why, it just came to me! I'm lucky it did, as this was the single greatest Flash creation I've made. I labored for months just to finish the opening sequence, and that wasn't the hard part. Putting the final project together was a challenge and to this day I do not know how I pulled it off. But it's done - and it is here.


disclaimer: do not take this seriously dfgdfg



not in any way,shape, or form funny whatsoever....i gave you one point because it had reptar


You get high nostalgia points for invoking my childhood in a non-negative way

ahem, report to the failure tent.

I really got to say, other than the part where it says monkey, this doesn't seem that funny, or at all random in a way that would be strange and make me laugh. No this is simply something that I would have made myself and went, "hm... well I can't do anything with this and it really isn't good enough to do anything with, so i'll delete it and make something new, but at least I had fun making it. Hopefully no one i know see this some how. *delete*"

Yes make their be voices,
or make the text smaller,
or both, and try to not use pictures you manipulate that makes it look like a paper doll collection. Instead maybe go for 8bit characters. I think that'd be more your style at this point in time.

However, if someone thinks this is a masterpiece, deffinately don't listen to that friend. The best advice on how to make something better comes from your biggest critics.
I could say this movie is a pile of crap, but try to learn something from the failure to impress me, like for example, I liked the batman reptar theme song, but I didn't like the graphics. So keep the idea, but resubmit a better version... And work on your humor a lil, that wasn't very funny for random stuff.

(I will tell you this is a step up from the last video i rated, so keep at it... because atleast you have a video i can watch and see what is going on, unlike the other guy.)

Nice try...?

The intro was pretty entertaining, I suppose. The movie was kinda dull, not so random, and pretty simple overall. Voices probably would've been better, or at least some music in the background. If you could animate this (even with stick figures) I think it would've been pretty good.

How can anyone, ever, period, dislike this?

It may be simplistic in its craft, but its mere concept, and the WAY it is animated (lots of SPINNING, woo!) makes this an instant classic. It's 12:25 in the morning, but I know this will still be grand when I wake up in a couple hours.

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Oct 17, 2009
9:11 PM EDT