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big trouble pt. 1

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Author Comments

Give me any ideas you have in your comments.. Going to consider everything.. Put your opionions. If you like the artwork style I'm going for etc.. also, theres no preloader because I use artoonix. that program doesn't let you do that. Hey, if you think that i should get a better program then donate to me at.


bonate whatever you want ever a dollar will help cause i want macromedia again but its a couple hundred dollars soo hehehe can't afford it!!

this is my "first" full length shorth file.. "kinda" not quit full length.. :P but I wasn't lazt all thoughs characters and different walking angles.. all hand drawn!!!

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huh? O_o

what was the "big trouble"? is he a phat phuc, is that why? lol. Ok, but seriously, I don't understand it, I can't even hear the creepy guy talk (had to turn speakers all da way up). I find this movie pointless. You should've kept on making it longer, so we could at least understand what was going on. I understand maybe it was all hand drawn and took up a pretty long time to create, but if there is no plot to the animation, no stroy, and no apparent purpose, then it's as if there wasn't much effort involved.

keolamation responds:

Well well... another person who "read" the description.. this is a rough draft first look in a sence!! you deside what happens next.. its a fucking inerctive story.. i said that in main description... or the head line..

That was... abrupt.

Negatives: Ok, i'm not sure what you were going for in this. This is not full length in any shape or form. Not even... kinda. I mean, it's a guy walking for 2 seconds, then he walks into a resteraunt and a woman goes "Can I help you?". Were you just going for the comedy of that line "That took awhile, considering it was only a mile away"? I know you said your program dsn't do it, but a preloader would help you. No, i'm not going to donate money or Flash Studio to you. You can get it yourself like everybody else does. Also, the audio was really quite, maybe juice it up a bit. The voice actor was a bit monotone, maybe try giving it a bit more emotion next time.
Positives: That was all hand drawn? If so very nice. It takes a lot of patience to hand draw animation. Especialy as smooth as that. While the audio was quiet, once I turned up my volume it didn't sound that bad. I like the intro music. Probably just because i'm biased for Piano.
Other: Don't write two lines about the flash then 6 lines advertising for yourself and asking people to donate for you in the comments section.
Graphics: 6/10 Audio: 4/10 Presentation: 4/10 Animation: 3/10

keolamation responds:

you all need to read the rescription... YOU deside what happens next.. thats why it suddenly ends!! OMG!

I don't understand.

What was the plot? I saw a guy walking into a restaurant, a girl, then it ends.

Graphics, 6/10
These were okay, and I understand it is harder when you are using something other than Flash. Sometimes I didn't even know what things were supposed to be, but I was more impressed with the scene outside of the restaurant.

Sound, 2/10
Most of it was very low quality, and the voices were pretty bad. I don't know if your program is at fault, or your microphone.

Animation, 2/10
It wasn't very smooth at all. The walking looked good, but as your character walked into the restaurant, he became rather pixelated. Not to mention, the text at the beginning was pixelated as well.

Overall, 4/10, 2/5
I do believe you can make a better and longer animation. Maybe work in collaboration with someone. It was around 30 seconds long, not counting all the times it repeats. Work on all elements of your animation, improve them. Make sure it meets your expectations before you submit it, because if it doesn't, then I'm certain it won't meet your viewers' expectations.

keolamation responds:

ok... so any vote on what you think the "big trouble" should be??

Credits & Info

2.35 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2009
8:30 AM EDT