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Coon Crisis Demo

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This is the gameplay demo of Coon Crisis which is to be released soon.
I tried posting this in Alphas, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Forwards = up arrow or W
Back = Down arrow or S
Turn = left or right arrow keys
Strafe = A & D
Shoot = space
Weapon change = 1,2 & 3

Only two levels for the demo... Not that well constructed. I'm thinking 10 to 15 levels for the actual game.

Use the supplies in the level to try and suvive for as long as possible and kill raccoons for points.
There may be a cap for the amount of points in this demo... so if you die after the 5th wave, don't worry... it's intended.

Please note: All menus will be updated upon release... The focal point of this demo is the gameplay mechanics... Any feed back would be great.

---quick add:
The loader bar is being odd... I quickly slapped this together (the load screen, that is... the project was 2 months)... if the screen sits at white it's probably just being weird but is loading.... I'll fix that soon.

Some slower computers may need to switch quality to Medium or low for full speed... Tell me if you did please (it would be nice to know).

Erg... sorry for updating this commentary so much while it's being judged, but I really should of read over this again before posting.

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Racoon Doom...

Can't talk... too astonished... O_O

It's a start

Well, it's an okay attempt, but it still needs a long way to go before it's enjoyable.

One tip off the top of my head: you should add a tutorial of some sort at some point.


This game is good, replenishing health with food is great!


This game is good but next time more weapons and villians.


I honestly can not wait for the full. It's really quite good.

The music and style, in fact, the overall feel of the game was a nostalgic blast to the past for me, back to the days of wolfenstien 3D lol.

I consider my computer to be on the lower end, and this game lagged up lots for me. I was able to deal with it, I just needed very precise timing.

In my short time playing it, only two things brought this game down:
1) I really, really hope you do not intend to stick with that menu design.
2) The trees took crazy long to blow away. Can you even blow them away? I gave up after 30 rounds with the machine gun.

A suggestion I would make would be to make it in smaller regions, i.e you start in a room, go down the corridor, blow up some stuff, get the key, proceed to the next room and it loads a little. I think it's not the graphics that lag up computers, but the fact that you have EVERYTHING playing at once, like too many processes running in the background.

All in all, I feel this will make into a great game, well done.

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3.92 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2009
2:06 AM EDT