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Aqua man episode 5

rated 2.00 / 5 stars
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Oct 16, 2009 | 10:07 PM EDT

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Author Comments

The first episode of season 2! I know it's not all that great but it's because it's introducing new characters and plot. I was going to add some things and leave the next half for episode 6 but I will wait for the next episode, GVD halloween will come out soon. before halloween anyways. please review



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Needs a lot of work to be good.

~ Animation ~

This was one of the biggest things that needed to be improved in this flash submission. A lot of part didn't contain much of any animation at all and the animation that you had was crude and rough for most of the time.

Not all of it was completely terrible though and you did show a few spots of promise, but you get the all around impression that the submission itself was rushed a lot, which really shows in the animation.

For the parts that were animated well I would take tips from those spots. Remember what you did and what made those spots smooth/look good and copy that. You can do it if you put the complete effort into the entire submission.

~ Graphics ~

I can almost say the same thing that I said in the animations part of my review. Some parts looked "alright", but for the most part this wasn't very easy on the eyes at all. I would work on individual character designs and master each individual character. When and only when each character started looking much better I wouldn't think about making another submission.

Something else that really would help improve the submission would be something along the lines of detail in the background. Again, this comes down to practicing your drawing and taking the time in making each scene look good. A well detailed background can do a lot for a submission.

~ Content ~

I haven't watched any of the other episodes, but I think I can kind of see where this series is going. Kind of generic and nothing that somebody is going to be very interested in following, but at least your going somewhere with the submission at hand.

A more organized menu would really help this submission. With links going back to all of the other movies in the series and also a nice little information section where people can read what has happened up to this point.

Not only the organized menu though, but also they way that the text is lined up. It looks like you just threw some text on there randomly, which is exactly what you did. More organized, lined up, professional looking text will improve this submission greatly.

~ Audio ~

The quality of the voice was terrible. There was a lot of static, which means you need a better mic or different voice actors for your series. The clicking sound on the beginning and end of each voice could probably be gotten rid of with a simple program like audacity, which is free to download so search it and have it become one of your tools.

Not only was the voice quality bad, but the voice itself wasn't good. I'm assuming you did the voice acting and not to be mean, but your not very good at it. I would suggest finding someone else to voice act for you.

The music and sound effects were done very well though and probably the only good part of the submission at all. Even the worst submissions have something good about them in there I guess. :P

~ Overall ~

It really needs a lot of work in almost every category. The animation needs to be much smoother, the drawings need to be done much better, there needs to be more detail in the characters and the backgrounds, and you need to find a good voice actor with a good mic.

I hope that my review helped and gave you some details on how to improve your submission. Keep striving to get better and good luck on future projects.

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cackletta responds:

Thank you! I will try my hardest to improve on every category. mostly on my aniimation. I used to use my webcam microphone to speak in but now I se my MP3 mic which is worse I will try to get my webcam working. as far as music goes I know alot of nice sounds and music but none of them fit with my flashes. But I'll get new ones. thanks alot!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I haven't seen the first 4, but

This is bad. The voice acting is awful, the animation is lacking, and the story is hard to follow. I'd invest in a new microphone (you can get a decent one for around $20) and get some friends to help out with the voices. For the story issues, adding a quick recap introducing the characters and story points would help a lot. As far as the animating goes, just keep practicing.

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