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Pursuit of the Falcon

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A flash version of the asteroid chase sequence from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The asteroid chase sequence is one of my favorite scenes in any film, and I had wanted to make some version of it since I first started using Flash. Originally this was going to spoof it, but as I went on and kept shelving and unshelving it, I realized I loved the scene too much to alter it significantly. It's probably 90-95% shot-for-shot.

This project has existed in one form or another for over 4 years; the oldest animated sequence in was first worked on on June 9, 2005. This has existed on four versions of Flash. After being shelved and changed many, many times, I worked up all my skills enough to draw and animate characters, flying ships, backgrounds, and the like.

The animation doesn't use any of CS4's newer features. Tweens are classic tweens and classic motion guides, symbols inside symbols, custom ease graph, etc.

I make come back later and fix Flash's audio de-syncing issue; I don't think it's too noticeable...unless you read this and are now seeing it. Oh well.



Han Solo - fthreat07
Leia Organa - rina-chan

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I don't have a comment on this one, Heck I can't even do A proper review.
Han's voice is perfect.

Who needs the movie?

Dude, I don't even need to have "The Empire Strikes Back"! I can simply watch it being recreated in such gorgeous flash animation as this. Everything looked so similar to stuff by LegendaryFrog, so I was surprised to realize he had nothing to do with it. While I have not seen the movie in awhile, I am fairly sure this is a word-for-word recreation of the scene. It is not actiony or silly, it's just exactly what the movie was! The animation was great with its characters, especially Chewbacca's detail.


hey i hope you know how to read it says 90-95% is shot for shot... other than thought that was a good flash .


i was expecting a different version, some jokes to be thrown in, but its pretty much just the seen, except in flash, and with your own voices, (which i found han's drastic voice changes to be...unprofessional) you may well have just used the original, stock audio, i didn't see the point in this video


You made a mistake C3PO says the odd of successfully navigating and asteroid field are 6720:1

th1rt3en responds:

No, he say's "three-thousand ...". The volume on his voice just get's low at that word.