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Wow, problems already, the music drops out at one point, and than it won't stop looping after the animation ends. I'll have to look into that later when I have the time, but this is my first flash for a reason.


This is my first flash ever, and a culmination of all the things I learned in my flash class at the end of the semester at college. WIth the pre-loader and song created with the help that is the newgrounds community, it seemed only natural to post it here.

The idea behind the final project was to create a flash for a fictional company (in this case, an animation/design studio) This would essentially be a movie they played on their website.

Pre-loader provided by NEWGROUNDS

Song is: Rough Tone (Rock Theme) - Created by: Nal1200 http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/82155

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I liked it for ur first interested in later work

foolishcharacter responds:

Thanks, hope to live up to your expectations.

Good job

The music ran through fine for me.
Anyway great job for your first animation. A hell of a lot better than a lot of first time flash submissions. I look forward to seeing more of your work on NG.
8/10 (a bit pointless but I understand)
5/5 (for proving that not all first time animators suck)

foolishcharacter responds:

Its very kind of you to be so forgiving in this aspect, but don't be afraid to point out the flaws of the animation none the less. They're 'flaws' for a reason.

Thanks a lot for the encouragment, and I hope my next flash animation will continue to earn such words of praise from you.

First Efforts are Always Roughshod

Your first shot into Flash is objectively good--the typical first try--and by that, I mean this thing looks crude and roughshod compared to everything else! Unlike most "first Flash" attempts, however, there is a structure and a level of quality above and beyond the typical dabbler; obviously, your entry into the foray is serious and with some prior discipline, thanks to your art classes.

As for the Flash itself, it is supposed to be a promotional piece for an animation/design studio. Typically, these should snappier in terms of speed, or cut down. When Greasy Moose made "Captain Planet Goes to Copenhagen" (Captain Planet Strip Club, as Newgrounds knows it), they got an Australian television program to air it. To do so, however, they were asked to slice off twenty seconds from its running time.

Don't feel awful about slicing out bits and pieces, because even Chris Voigt has to do it on occasion. Some things in your Flash could be cut out completely--the red & yellow balls, for instance, didn't come out so well--while others could be elaborated upon, like the mouse animation. Another animation caught the corner of my eye, but it was so brief that I couldn't really gauge its quality. Still, I wouldn't bother replaying the movie just to see that one flash of animation, because from my guess, it looked too crude to bother with. The attempt had detracted from the overall vision. Despite this, presenting the "Animation" and "Graphic Design" terms in scrapyard junk was a nice touch.

The overall theme for this Flash, therefore, appears terribly gritty and uses many dark colors, which plays against an advertisement designed to extol any product/service's better virtue. In other words, even though it is called "Scrapyard Animation" (a moniker that would work for you, incidentally), there should be brighter colors to counteract the dark and depressing overtones of the piece. In advertising, white flashes are often used because the color suggests tranquility, able to settle the audience like warm milk to an upset stomach.

While it isn't anything exemplary, this Flash reflects well on your present skill... which transcends anybody else who has yet to craft a Flash! Thus, you are in decent standing, believe it or not. Push hard to polish those stones and soon your scrapyard will become a respectable recycling agency. One can only hope.

foolishcharacter responds:

wowwe, what an encouraging and intricate reasponse! I'll make sure to consider these points later on, as I continue working on more personal projects in the future.

. . .

There was Nothing!!!!
Graphics 5
sound 0
Story -10

foolishcharacter responds:

Yah, other than trying out random things in flash this project is really only a test at best. Future projects should have more actual content.


This being your first flash, I have to admit, I am thoroughly impressed. Keep it up mang, you have telent.

foolishcharacter responds:

Your encouragment is very apprecaited, hopefully when I submit some more actual content I can some real critique from you.