Orgasm Girl 2

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UPDATE (08 November 2009)

* Replay option added.
* Difficulty increased.
* Menu animation simplified and quicker.
* No more store/inventory windows overlapping.
* Cursor changes to pointer on store/inventory open to facilitate easier usage.

I've also updated the HELP section on the website with some more content.


Hey guys, finally get to release Orgasm Girl 2! You play as Orgasm Girl, the sexiest lesbian angel around and your task is to give girls orgasms in their sleep. Enjoy!

Walkthrough available here: http://orgasmgirl2.com/he lp/


Really nice game

Would have been a ten if the difficulty was just a little more like OG1. I liked the multiple girl options and the extra items. One question: Why is the game not downloadable so that it can be played without getting online?
One of the more unique "Don't wake her" games.

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It took how long to make this?

It's the same game as the first, just with marginally improved graphics. Considering this was announced, what, five years ago or so it doesn't seem like any real progress has been made from the first. There are better games, and better adult games.

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i may just be blind but i failed the 1st 2 girls and still got to try the 3rd? ... on the 3rd her clit was near her anus (to put it blunt) not image wise but on the thing that told you what things were ... i found the lack of moving arms or positions a downgrade and NO explanation of what the things on the screen where annoyed me a tad. The items menu and the shop over lapped each other and tbh i had to go and use the mouse pointer to select anything in the shop because the rub was so inaccurate. In all missing a "back to menu" and "retry" button so you've lost me a bit on how this took so long.

good detail in the pics and decent sounds but it really lacked something new ... think of OG2 as GTA 4 ... good looking and more play time .. but easy and lacking jets and other fun things.

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Been waiting on it forever Dej, and I liked what I saw, but not what I played. It's just TOO easy. The difficulty is a joke. It's nothing like OG 1 was, and I realize you got all kinds of guff over how hard THAT was, but, there must be a balance somewhere.

Liked the additional items, but if I could suggest anything, it'd probably be a song changer and some more musical content. I love Requiem for a Dream and all, but it gets old after a while.


good game tho i have to say personally im a little dissapointed at how easy it was in comparison to the last game. i mean i can pretty much make them all orgasim in under the first 30 seconds without the bar even going up halfway.
apart from that its a good lil game and its nicly polished and looks much better than the last. the only real reason to play this again and again is to unlock the stuff which i found was fun and had a challenge to it aswell.
if u do happen to make another orgasim girl.. then i think there should be a few more things involved.
well firstly an instructions menu would be nice.. something just pretty basic explaining the meters and the tools etc etc. yes i know there is 1 for tools in the game but still not the meter.. i still have no idea wat the lil green/black circle is for :S.
also add in some secret spots again like the last 1 and maybe some grabbing actions in the tools so u can do other things except just rub. maybe even add in some toys XD
and coming to the unlockables well i think u could do girls based on real girls.. taken from photographs and then upon making the girl orgasim u unlock their real photo. maybe not the fully naked 1 but a sexy 1.

all in all a nice game and i had great fun with it. i cant wait to see another if u plan to make another i just hope i dont have to wait as long :)

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Deja-Vu responds:

Thanks for the review, Gigabyte09. I've had some feedback that it was a little easy but then again the previous one was too hard so it's difficult to get a middle ground. Perhaps a difficulty setting next time?

Thanks for your other suggestions as well, toys will be great (I actually had them in initially, you will notice some spaces in the store) but I really ran out of time and making them work would have delayed the game yet again.

Grabbing actions (like grabbing the breasts, etc.) would be great and is something I've had at the back of my mind for a while. Those girls were actually based on photos :P

Thanks again for the review.

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4.10 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2009
12:47 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating
  • Daily 4th Place October 17, 2009