Orgasm Girl 2

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UPDATE (08 November 2009)

* Replay option added.
* Difficulty increased.
* Menu animation simplified and quicker.
* No more store/inventory windows overlapping.
* Cursor changes to pointer on store/inventory open to facilitate easier usage.

I've also updated the HELP section on the website with some more content.


Hey guys, finally get to release Orgasm Girl 2! You play as Orgasm Girl, the sexiest lesbian angel around and your task is to give girls orgasms in their sleep. Enjoy!

Walkthrough available here: http://orgasmgirl2.com/he lp/


Why would you increase the difficulty?

That was the big problem with the first game!

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Deja-Vu responds:

Check the initial reviews.

dammit, where's the mute

i listen to my own music on itunes, i'd be more inclined to play this game if it would shut up, otherwise hot, but difficult

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the only unlockable that i had trouble with, was the Transfer one... but i eventually got them ALL hahahahah

for 'Transfer,' just get the first girls orgasm meter to the dark red (about to cum) and then put your fingers in her mouth :P

you've just 'Transfer'ed! ha

the other ones, i found to be quite easy

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A great difference to the first one. At the very least, I finished this one.
I could not get through the first level of the first. :(

Well, in terms of difficulty this one is ridiculously easy compared to the first game.
The achievements were a nice touch.

All I have to say is that the last girl has her clitoris in the wrong place, but this mistake must have been overlooked in production.
Trust me, I'm a girl.

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Girl #1 - Ashley
%u2022Using the HAND, rub the following spots (the LOCATION indicator at the top will indicate which region you are touching): inner thigh left, inner thigh right, arm, stomach, left breast (bra), right breast (bra) and vagina (skirt).
%u2022Rub her left breast (bra) until her nipple hardens. [Unlocks: "STANDING OVATION"]
%u2022Take the SCISSORS and cut her bra.
%u2022Using the HAND, rub her left breast, right breast, left nipple and right nipple.
%u2022Rub her right nipple until she has a nipple stand.
%u2022Using the GRAB, rip off her skirt.
%u2022Using the HAND, rub her vagina (panty) until she wets her panties. [Unlocks: "WET ' N ' WILD"]
%u2022Using the GRAB, collect the panties (be sure to select the COLLECT option). [Unlocks: "BIRTHDAY SUIT"]
%u2022Using the HAND, rub her vagina and clitoris.
%u2022Using the HAND, rub her clitoris until the state meter is ALMOST full, i.e. she's almost awake. The unlockable notification will indicate that you were successful. [Unlocks: "ON THE EDGE"]
%u2022Now to make her reach an orgasm: using the HAND, rub her clitoris vigorously until just before the STATE meter fills up. Wait for the state meter to go down and then rub again until it's almost full. The state meter goes down quicker than the orgasm meter so after a few rub-and-pause sessions you will give her an orgasm! [Unlocks: "ORGASM LVL 1"]
%u2022Please note that both secret unlockables ("THE TRANSFER" and "CANDLE MASTER") may be achieved with this girl, but details will not be provided

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Deja-Vu responds:

Thanks, but the help section on http://orgasmgirl2.com/help/ already has that exact text.

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