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Changeobots! Part 2

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Part 2 and conclusion of the Changeobots! saga. In this installment, Autobama Senator Prius takes the highly controversial position that "Torture Is Bad." However, little real change ever happens in the Changeobot world partly because, as Prius puts it, "It's really hard to animate." Guest starring a familiar, abstinence-obsessed, Rebublicon snowmobile.

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Both parts of this series were great!

This review is for all of your cartoons currently on NG, btw.


Well yeah, great animation, looks very professional! (Well you ARE a veteran animator from Nickelodeon.) The character designs also made good satire, even if a little over-the-top. However, the animation in the Changeobot series doesn't seem to be as good as the one in your Prop 8 cartoon.

The voice acting was excellent; the first cartoon had a very good impersonation of Obama's voice and accent, and Palin's voice in this cartoon was just wonderful. However, McCain-bot guy doesn't sound like McCain at all.

I also watched the previous part of this cartoon, and in context, this series is not biased against or towards any particular party, as most people seemed to have perceived. The first cartoon was a very spot-on satire of the differences between Obama's promises vs administration, and this cartoon's a really spot-on satire of the differences between Republican administrations and promises.

And of course the most important message of the series, "little real change ever happens in the Changeobot world", regardless of who's in charge. NOT EVEN THE TRANSFORMERS CAN TRANSFORM THE POLITICAL STRUCTURE


However, while the political jokes were very well executed, and I appreciated it, I believe most of the humour may have went over most people's heads. You should stick with the approach your Prop 8 cartoon used: Political humour mixed with stuff that will also entertain the rest of us. The Prop 8 cartoon did this well. Gay beavers always work well.

I think your political cartoons are great and have even greater potential, and I'd love to see what political issue your next cartoon tackles! Keep it up!


+Fav, 10/10, oh and totally voting for this for Monthly Top Ten.

screw everyone else, it's good!

the animation was amazing first off, the jokes were funny and despite political commentaries from ohter user's, i can atleast appreciate it for what it is, a cartoon. and a funny one at that! nice job.


i agree whit everything that other members thinks is bad whit this movie!


by my outlook, republicans aren't the only only ones wastefully spending. (or ruining the economy)


i think this should be turned into a t.v show 2 i would watch it!