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From the creators of the Flash sensation Boomshine comes a devious new game where hand/eye co-ordination and a lightning-quick reaction time spell the difference between success and failure. Hundreds of colorful particles floating in the ether - and it's your job to put them all together. Click and hold down the mouse button to make a ring around the dots, and watch them all gather in the center. With every ring you create you'll get closer and closer to your target... but miss the target, even by one, and the nucleus is ruined. How quickly can you complete all fifteen levels without making a single mistake? The challenge is on...



A game both aesthetically good to the eye and a decent challenge! Very soothing, thanks for the work!

was good

was hard on the last 2 but other than that it was cool

A very very original and fun game to play

Awesome game, lvl 14 and 15 are what killed me. lol you need patients for those 2 levels. lol but its a very nice and fun game.

One of the best I ever played.

I must say, this game is all around an excellent game. The music is calm and peaceful. The animations of the particles after you win a level is actually a good idea as I like the design and movement of them in later levels. And I thought it was going to be quite easy at first due to the fact that I needed like 8 particles and still had 5 rings,but I changed my mind when you needed fewer particles and you had many rings to use. So overall, it's an excellent game! Keep up the good work!

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This is an exelent game, great music, quality, controls, game play, and it just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside! This is bound to become a NewGrounds classic!
Added to favorites 10/10 please make more!

KiggD responds:

Thank you

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4.13 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
7:15 PM EDT
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