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EDIT: Thanks so much for the frontpage! I've fixed a few things I found wrong with the file, mainly the preloader. Also, if I'd known this was getting frontpaged, I would have made a better icon for it, but I s'pose it's to late to change that now, as I couldn't find the option for it.

Here is a short I made last year that I wanted to finish, but then decided to tack on a dumb ending instead. You may or may not get some enjoyment out of it.


Pretty funny

I wonder what happened to the person eating. He didn't eat very much. Either way, nicely animated.

PeteGrammarman responds:

He wasn't very hungry or the talking pancakes didn't taste very good. Thanks for the review!

Dawww! Cute.

I chuckled at the "pamp"-cakes's mouth movements. The eyes were very cute as well. I knew what was going to happen at the beginning, so no shcok comedy there. (A talking pancake can only have a few things done to it.) The fast pace was actually good for this short. It had a plot so mind-numbingly dumb that you can't help but find it humorous, which was a good combination. I'd have to say the best part of this flash was your voiceover. Hilarious not in the words that were said, but in the voice and tone.

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PeteGrammarman responds:

Thank you! I suppose there is no shock value in eating a talking pancake...


I love pancakes... but you know whatelse starts with P.... PIE yay :D

PeteGrammarman responds:

This is true, but you cannot have pie for breakfast, you silly Billy.


I liked it because of the pancake! but somehow the egg and the toast ruined it :)
i like the animation of the pankake :3

PeteGrammarman responds:

You can't just have pancakes for breakfast, you need protein and a side as well. Thanks for the review though.


I thought this was cute.

PeteGrammarman responds:

Thank you kind person!

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3.80 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
7:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original