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Sonic the Tetrisblock

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Author Comments

A very short flash concerning the question
"What do you get when you mix Sonic the Hedgehog with Tetris?"

I don't know, but this could be one possible outcome... ^^

Can you find the Easter Egg? ;)

This animation is also available on deviantArt:
http://ultra-the-hedgehog .deviantart.com/art/Sonic -the-Tetrisblock-13841581 7
...and on my Youtube account:
youtube.com/UltramasterBD J

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The easter egg was awesome, and the plot was random with originality. One awesome flash.

easter egg

when amy hugs sonic click on the heart


However, I kinda expected more Sonic stuff

heh heh...

well after reading the last review and respomse, i see your point...

it jumped at me so i read it all, and i was gonna blam this and give it a low score but again, i see your point... congrats you saved your own ass XD

and i love the part where amy tackles him and they get all downsized or whatever like in real tetris XD lol heeheehee nice!

Original? I think not

Well a lot of people are calling this "creative" and "original". But I sincerely have to disagree with that. Making a movie about sonic isn't creative. And amking a movie about tetris isn't creative. So how could making a movie about sonic and tetris be creative. It says under the genre that it's a parody. And it's barely even mixing them together. You're basically just making sonic with bigger pixels. And using the the usual "Amy loves Sonic she's gonna chase him" kinda thing. Which wasn't that funny to begin with. So no I wouldn't call this creative. No I wouldn't call this abstract and no I would not call this great just because it's so simple and short.

UltramasterBDJ responds:

Well, I agree in the point that it's short, and not one of my works I spend the most time on.

"Making a movie about Sonic isn't creative", "Making a movie about Tetris isn't creative" -

I do certainly disagree with you here, it may not be a completely original concept, but you are generalizing it a little too much here. Making a movie about e.g. Sonic may not be a very creative work by default, but that doesn't mean it can not be at all.

Also, the merging of already existing ideas into something new can also be a creative process, so "how could making a movie about sonic and tetris be creative" is, again, something I have to disagree with.
Also, it's not something I've seen done to death on NG before, so there.

"You're basically just making sonic with bigger pixels."
Yes. In the style of Tetris blocks, though.
That's supposed to be part of the joke of Sonic characters being composed of Tetris stones.
Apparently that joke doesn't work for you, okay.

So... yeah, I'm using the reoccuring theme of Amy chasing Sonic as a plot point... and it's pretty much the only plot point. The movie is very short, and it isn't about plot, so... whatever!

As for "I wouldn't call this abstract", well, I'm not an expert on abstract arts or anything of the likes, but personally, I consider it to be abstract.

That breaks it pretty much down to "my opinion is different from yours", well, can't help it, too bad you didn't like it that much, thanks for the review anyway.

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
7:56 AM EDT