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Mortal Kombat: Betrayal

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First of all, thanks to the Mortal Kombat Warehouse for having all the sprites and being awesome!
All characters belong to Midway, or whoever holds the MK licence etc etc.

Thanks to Bezo for making awesome music, it was hard to find a piece that had the right feel!
I had to cut the audio a bit so it would fit, so the song in the vis is a bit shorter than the original.

Another flash movie with Mortal Kombat sprites, the whole thing just kind of got puked out of my head in a couple of days, i suck at programing (if i can even call connecting scenes programming) so I skipped the scene selection (wonder if anyone would even want one).
Also, some animations look a tad awkward because the specific sprite might not exist, but I prefer a bit (or a lot, as with sonya's kiss) of clunkyness before doing just in-game everything.

It's supposed to be funny and action-packed, hope you like it!

All custom stages where made by me using sprites and backgrounds provided by the allmighty MK Warehouse.

I didnt want to write too much of the story, I assume most ppl are familiar with most MK characters, even though I took some liberties, anway, it's meant to be an open story, maybe someday i'll make a sequel if this gets ok ratings.

anyway, ENJOY!!!

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Creative use of sprites!! you did pull a nice effort. the blood and deadly strikes are so original, the bad things about this movie are:
1- extremely fast, some parts didn't play smooth
2- No sound effects to give depth for the movie
3- Music didn't match the movie
overall great!

nice but

it could have been longer but nice ending

Short...but good!

Very creative use of the sprites. I like your custom backgrounds, but even more so, the creepiness of the Mileena sprite crawling around like a spider - not something I've ever seen done with her before. Good job!

Try and make a longer one sometime. It seems like you're setting it up for a Part 2, so I think basically "more of the same" would be a good follow up here.


yes it is short, but it is very entertaining indeed...you should make a longer continuation! this can be great ^_^


Wow didn't see the ending coming at all!