Being One - Episode 4

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Being One - Episode 4 is the final part where you have found yourself in a strange lab amongst aliens, vampires, dark matter creatures and god knows what else.

Now, you must make your way to the starport and fuel up a shuttle so you can get the hell off this asteroid. In the meantime you need to find out What has happened to Venus? Where is Dr Rycroft? What the hell you are?

..but above all you must Escape!!



Though I wish there was more content. Perhaps a larger scale version of this game could be released eventually. I was sad to see some of the floors you pass by in the beginning of the third chapter. It would have been incredibly fun to play through some of those stages... A sequel would be sweet as well... oh well I'm sure you're busy. Great game really.


good good...but there are still many questions like:

What happened to Dr rycroft?
What happened to Venus?

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A Dissapointing Ending

So I played the previous episodes and they were prett good. I love this series now but this ending was lackluster compared to the rest of the episodes. It was so blunt and utterly ridiculous that it seems more like a "You are the chosen one plot" that you plopped right at the end. To tell you the truth I think the ending ruined this series for me. It would have been better if you kept the storyline more mysterious.

The atmosphere reminded me of the movies like the reepy Sci-Fi series and it was effective but there were a few times when I rolled my eyes in disbelif when certian creatures and plot points were introduced. This still was a good series overall.

If this does continue then I hope you clear a few things up (Which I will not say due to spoilers). Or maybe make a new horror game series.

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Okay I don't quite understand why the the 2nd and 3rd were all about vampires and this one is on werewolves and stuff but hey I'm not complaining, this series is farkin' great!! Sucks this is the final episode. Would love to see more :D


Thank god it was easy and i actually beat this one but I agree with senor hybrido you really rushed it the epilouge was retarded and it was just flat out rushed.

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Oct 15, 2009
4:30 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click