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G, Who is Nivo?

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This is just an intro to a character I have. I was testing out some 3D stuff. I need to work on my model rigging so i can animate more in 3D. I Know I could have done better with the reflection, but my current comp is too slow and I was getting frustrated. Basically the name and black shell are done in maya and the rest is frame by frame in flash. And I know its short (27 secs), but remember, its just an introduction to Nivo. This took about 10 days in total.

If people like this or are interested in it then I will make more using my other characters, hopefully it wont take as long or the file wont be as big since I figured out a better way to use maya and flash.

I am really sorry if the movie lags, I put it on youtube, you can watch it here ( http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=wpr2Iu3SCpU ) then come back and rate/review :) It might also run smoother if u let it play through once then watch it again.

Hope you enjoy!

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Looked really great

I liked that.. green thing (is it Nivo?) and the whole movie overall but it's way to short and has no real story or explanation. I would've liked if the green parts between the 3d model would've been (hmm searching the right word, i come from germany) let's say smoother. I know that is a lot of work and the way it is done yet is better than i could do but i hope i'll see something sequel with smoother green.. parts.
Keep up the good work.

M-Shack responds:

thx, im glad you liked it. The green parts were hand drawn each frame, I need to work on my rigging so I can make the whole thing 3D and not haveto redraw the lines. Thanks tho, And yeah the green thing is Nivo. The white one in the begining is called G-Lu.

Nice movie

Def a cool character, could have used some more going on tho. I give u a 9 cuz eventho its short it makes me want to watch more and see what else u can do.


wtf was that?nuttin special

this is really cool!

WOW i wish it had a plot! nice art work and nice flash!

moarrrr :D

Way too short, but like you said there will be more animations like this =) I definetly look forward to see them! Keep up this good work.


M-Shack responds:

thx, im glad you liked it