StagB Finds a Home Pt1

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stagbeetle gets adopted.

Pt2 next year because I'm a lazy twat.



Not bad. In fact... I liked it!


It was an O.K animation, the voices were cool, and the voices were really nice and good. I liked the character Stagbeetle's name and character, though this animation was short, but I don't really care, I've been watching over 60 animations already that were short.

The graphics wasn't very good, but what I liked was the Beetle's graphics were O.K than anything else. But that guy at the ending with that thing (forgot what it was called) was pretty funny, I fell off my chair while I was going to replay because it just popped out of no where and I was laughing pretty much a lot. Hope you make a cool episode 2.

If your lazy, could you at least tell me if you got an idea for it, if not, then don't answer this question? And this was submitted on Beetle day? And wha I like about Beetle Day is that I love beetles. And why was this animation short? You should've continue when hey were driving home but it's O.K, I don't really care about short animations.

Nice animation, now here are my scores:

Graphics: 7/10
Comedy: 7/10 (Because the ending.)
Music: 7/10
Animation: 6/10
Creative: 7/10
Total Score: 6/10
Word: Not bad, but needs to be longer and needs more work on the art work. Buttry your best next year.

Now I hope you love and enjoy this review.

6/10 & 3/5

Characters remaining: (Don't ask, I just like to do this just for fun :D) 2,707

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Fleabitten responds:

thats the most run-on sentances i've ever seen in one review.

but uhh yeah, there will be a part 2 next year oka

Pretty good.

I find these Stagbeetle flashes amusing since everybody represents and depicts Stagbeetle in so many different aspects. I was never a fan of Ren and Stimpy, but I recognized the music immediately. The voice acting was good, but it was somewhat hard to understand what the characters were saying over the loud music. You did a swell job of giving each character their own distinct personality, it's amazing how the simplicity of voice acting can transform a flash.

It seems silly that you split a flash that was a minute long into two parts, but I suppose time will reveal what is in the future for Stagbeetle. Overall, I thought the animation was good and it was backed up with some nice voice acting. I'm looking forward to viewing the second half of this episode. Keep up the good work my friend, and happy belated Stagbeetle Day!

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Fleabitten responds:

you're one of the few good reviewers on this site, mang. thx.

if this movie would be a full-length movie...

i would be at least 40 swedish kronor to go and watch it.

Fleabitten responds:

That'll probably get you a Tic-Tac over here.

That was good but,

You need to FINISH IT, you lazy bastard... :(, well I guess I'm not one to talk.

Gud voice acting btw...

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Fleabitten responds:



Sorry it took me too long to accept the co author invite, I have been busy as hell this week.
It came out hilarious, I like the girl the best. XD

Fleabitten responds:

glad you actually liked it.

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3.25 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
12:38 AM EDT
Comedy - Original