The Forbidden Temple

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WOW! I think this has got to be the best game I have ever made its adventure and action wooohooo.


Holy crap.

This is bad. I mean REALLY bad. Your "character" doesn't have any animation; it looks like a ripped photo of a certain Middle-Eastern video game assassin as a matter of fact. Movement is difficult and near-impossible to control, and there's only the vaguest of vague goals to the game. Fix those problems and MAYBE you'd have a game. As it stands, all you have is crap.

this game stinks

well, ill try not to be mean, but...........

this game was terrible, the characters didnt even move, and the attack was bad

and using playcrafter? come on! thats cheating

if your going to put a game on newgrounds, actually use flash, and not use some crappy site to make a game, and make the game yourself

i suggest not making anymore games with playcrafter, use flash, and if you cant use it, then dont make games then


aww come on. what were you doing? make a game using playcrafter? that's cheating to make a game withouth using flash. this thing gets a -10'/10. it should be o/10, but playcrafter sucks so that adds a -10.

I don't even know where to begin.

Character sprite never changes, score system doesn't work, no real challenge, VERY small music loop, (with no mute button), lots of things in foreground you didn't interact with... I could probably go on, but I think that's quite enough.

If you're going to submit a game to newgrounds,

I consider it cheating to use playcrafter. It doesn't even work that well.

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1.70 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2009
9:24 PM EDT
Adventure - Other