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Apartment 404 Episode 105

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Author Comments

I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like Max sometimes. Just going through life without any real direction but also unable to find a better path. Not happy, not unhappy, just on auto-pilot. Wishing there was more to your life but clueless as to how to make that happen...

...Anyway, Narc's shirt is called "Artificial Intelligence Kills". As usual, it's available in the store. ( http://www.zazzle.com/apt 404 ) It's the standard evolution of man with a robot at the end about to shoot the last man. Almost every movie about artificial intelligence ends with the robots realizing they are superior to humans and trying to kill us all. The same thing will probably happen in real life. We know this, yet our scientists keep driving towards the edge of that cliff. I'm torn, I do think artificial intelligence is an amazing idea. I'd love to have a life-like personal robot companion, I'm just not sure if it's worth the inevitable robot uprising...

The credits song is "It's Over" by Sondre Lerche from the album Two Way Monologue. You might recognize him from the movie Dan in Real Life. He did most of the music for that soundtrack.

That's it. Another episode next week and in the meantime feel free to comment, positive or negative.


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Sad, dismal reminder of real life.

Its sad, true, and a reflection of just about the working mans life.

I dont think its needed for me to write out a full page review, but yes, you hit the nail on the head.

Thankfully, they created video games, and even then people complain about video game addiction. HA! With a life like this, why not? Seriously. Why not.

EDIT: oooh, my 5/5 made it go up a .01

I know what Max goes through

It's not like he's lying about his job. Even people who do it as a hobby can work it. Going to college to learn more about it only to end up in a slightly higher position doing the same thing seems not worth it. lol And when you try looking at the options for doing other things, you don't like them. Sometimes you'd wish someone would come out with something that interests you.

But I guess that's where ambition comes in. You have to make it yourself. People usually quite their jobs and open their own business.

Even though I'm not too cool with the whole "anime face" boy, the content was pretty interesting to me, as well as the song at the end.

I like it.

It's kind of refreshing to see an animation that's not trying far too hard to make me laugh. This is all presented with a straight enough face to... sort of mesh for me. Keep it up.

People are missing the point

For you folks who are scoring this flash for it's artistic value only ... you're missing the point. This flash points out how we've all been run through the 12 year puppy mill of school that's been forced onto us, all of which was pre-planned so no real thought was necessary. Then we go to college to pursue a degree in something that interests us, find out we have to start making decisions about classes to take, etc. This whole time we still have this notion that we're going to do something with our lives; make an impact on the world. We graduate, get a job, and before we know it the mundane work, the quest for greater corporate profits, and the idiocy / banalityof our co-workers, bosses and higher ups just sucks the motivation right out of us.

Then, we wake up one day and realize we're one of those "lifers" ... that 50yo guy we used to look at, and frown upon because he'd only come in, do the bare minimum work to get by, and screw off the rest of his time looking at web-sites where he could buy like vacations, a new tv, some new music, etc ... stuff to try to fill the void left in him after he realized his job has no real sense of fulfillment because the company doesn't want you to do your best work, they just want you to crank out work as fast as possible and with minimal chance of a law-suit. We used to look on that guy...but we wake up one day, look up from our computer monitor surfing CraigsList for a new netbook computer we don't really need, stare at our calendar with the week we have vacation circled in bright red ink since that's the only thing we have to look forward to...we wake up and realize we're now "that guy".

Life seems to be meant for so much more, but some how we fell into this worker bee rut, hopped on the treadmill (since that's how we were taught...our parents did it, our teachers did it, ...everyone did it), and it's how we've been conditioned through corporate commercials and propaganda. And now we're 50, and there's really only 10-15 years more to work until retirement, and the time has drifted away so fast anyways, might as well just keep your head down, do the minimum required and idle on by until retirement.

That is office / corporate / drone life as we know it today. And this flash pointed that out very well.


I like these videos, keep churning them out. They have a nice real-life feel to them, not in a boring way but in a sort of fashion that makes you want to watch more. They feel casual, in a good way, and I for one dig that. Good job!