mecha sonic's rampage 2

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REMEMBER i am much better that this i was just bored so i made it


Sonic no get chaos emerald wth shadow

i hate shadow lol but i love sonic and sonic wasnt even in this one sonic better become super sonic and kick mecha's butt!!!!!!

Not quite the next step... but not bad :)

It's really not a bad start to a flash animation. Good concept and I can tell you have plenty of skill with animation. I simply felt the short length of the animation and the few spelling mistakes took away from what I could have been.
I was a little meh about the lack of a story line as well...

Not bad though. The fight scene with mecha sonic was a little short, but it was very good in my opinion.

I notice other people commenting on how short the video is or how much time you may have spent on it. They have reason too. I know your just exercising your animation skills, however the majority of the work posted onto newgrounds is fine tuned, full length videos.

Not a bad start at all though. Keep it up and I bet you'll make a very good video someday. :)

too little

to little,make it longer,and the thing with tails ,dont even get me started on that.better luck next time


sonic sprite flashes are pretty "meh" because everyone does them, especially when they have little plot and are just a bunch of sprites beating the crap out of each other. it's not that bad, its just that it does nothing new. pretty funky music choice too (the halloween song?).

clicking "next" at points is just silly, make the cutscenes go by themselves... that really slowed down the flash and made it somewhat tedious.

that is

Such a horrible thing... Bad animation, bad music, and you didn't make those characters.

123fun123 responds:

u idiot these are called sprites every 1 knows i dint make them

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Oct 14, 2009
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