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EEnE Z Episode 5

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Another month and a week, another Episode of EEnE Z. I have finally gotten a V-Cam (AS2) and will use it from here in. It lets me worry about the action and zoom in two seperate layers this time around. Which is why this episode looks to be twice as long as Episode 1.

Also, Spacebar advances everything, including the point where Eddy sneak-attacks Double-D near the beginning. Once the camera stops moving, of course. :)

So, any problems, let me know and I will do my best to correct them. Also, I might be changing up the talk boxes to one single-color box, character portrait to the left, and blue text meaning hero, red text meaning villain, and gray/white text meaning undecided/neutral/unknown . Why? Because it'll be easier for me. :) I might also bring in voices, but that seems unlikely, unless some of you would like to volunteer.

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A great warcraft cameo! Crypt Fiend s famous spider sense tingling........

Greatest flash sprite movie of all the times.

This is the greatest sprite flash movie of all the times,you have joined my 2 favourites series and created this masterpiece.Thank you!


ROTFL! I almost broke myself when I flew off the chair! and why is Edd as my favorite character the weakest and the most nerdyest? I mean come on. But it's still funny!

Kevin: f|_|ck! How am I going to explain that to my mom?

I volunteer

to do a voice

PM me if you read this comment

this was great and funny

as they said there getting better as it goes on, keep up the good work.

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4.51 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2009
9:02 PM EDT