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Love College

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This is my first flash game. I have worked on it by myself for about 3 months. It has more real look to it and I tried to make the game have a lot of choices as to what a person can say to the girls. As of right now the game is in the demo stage. I have set it to where you can date one girl, Mindy, and get to the dating stages of the relationship. I do intend on finishing this games soon. However, I want to see the reactions to the game, so I can make it better as I finish it. In this update I have added the title and menu screen that was missing as well as the credits I hope everyone will give feedback. Thank you for playing it and for your time in reading this.

Update: Can now beat the game with Mindy character.

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Only one girl. Just one. One out of three of them is actually human and not a color block that says "Not available in demo". One girl...ONE. And she isn't even the slightest bit interesting.

Love it!

I love these kind of games, and it's really good for your first game! The colledge is just a little hard to navigate, but other than that, it was awesome!

really fun

great game for a demo good job

Very smooth transitions to...

.....all the menu screens which is important in this genre. Very well done.


Pretty brilliant idea, I don't think I've ever seen one of these done with Photoshopped pictures, but then again I really can't stand this type of game. But I must applaud your creativity and despite my distaste for "move all around" dating sims, I can say you kept my attention for a few minutes. I just have one question. In the final version will we be able to f*ck all your photoshopped friends? Hope you didn't throw a sibling in there.