Glass Fish Rhythm

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Beginning of the End 50 Points

Make it to the evil wizard.

Hero 50 Points

Beat the game!

Level Too 50 Points

Beat level two!

Level Won 50 Points

Beat level one.

Achievements Achieved 100 Points

Get all the in-game achievements!

Author Comments

UPDATE: Everything is working now!

Get to the end of each level without breaking.

Eggs are portable save points that you can place yourself using SPACEBAR.

Arrow Keys or WASD to move.

P to Pause.

Save atlantis from the grasp of the evil wizard.

I hope you enjoy Glass Fish Rhythm Adventure.

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Hard - needs save for last boss

At first, I was pissed by the floppy controls. I got used to them - kinda.
But then came the boss-battle and I was pissed. Requiring precise control without giving the necessary means is just stupid!
Also the lack of saving before the boss made me angry - I played the last level for dozends of times and now I quit it.

But despite this one very last thing, it was a good game. Therefore I give you 7/10 points.

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its so lame n boring

Very unique

I've never played a game quite like this nefore. The music and graphics were very catchy and the story was original too. I only want to say that the controls feel very slippery and there's no second chances on the final boss which is somewhat frustrating. Speaking of which....Does the hero medal work? I've beaten it 3 times and it isn't going off. Other than that, good game.

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Good sounds but i realy hate my lag and the boringness of this game......Sorrymaybe some more.....idk..The GAME HATES YOU!!!!!!

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Straight out review
very verry boring butt i like the snes style graphics

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3.55 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2009
12:21 PM EDT