Glass Fish Rhythm

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Beginning of the End 50 Points

Make it to the evil wizard.

Hero 50 Points

Beat the game!

Level Too 50 Points

Beat level two!

Level Won 50 Points

Beat level one.

Achievements Achieved 100 Points

Get all the in-game achievements!

Author Comments

UPDATE: Everything is working now!

Get to the end of each level without breaking.

Eggs are portable save points that you can place yourself using SPACEBAR.

Arrow Keys or WASD to move.

P to Pause.

Save atlantis from the grasp of the evil wizard.

I hope you enjoy Glass Fish Rhythm Adventure.

Send questions / comments / bug reports to prettymuchbryce at yeah who dot com

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OK the game is great as well as the music, but that level 3 you have to play over and over again to get to the bossfight completely ruined my interest in the game. sorry.

Really glitchy lol my fish wouldn't stop getting bigger at one point, random junk was falling from the ceiling in level three before the boss fight, and multiple songs would play at the same time, the boss wouldn't stop changing his animation during the cutscene, being unable to skip, and my favorite glitch of all, hitting pause will cause fireballs and debris to keep moving even though the game is in pause making the impossible boss fight more fair. Great ending ;). I loved the ending so much! In my mind, I hoped that would happen in the end. I just wish there was more of a connection, maybe a brotherly one or something, with the two fish. I don't regret the 50 something minutes I spent on this game lol.

Rofl lay an egg in the wrong spot then you just spawn die. Besides that the music wasn't even that good, and the mechanics were so so.

I love the beats and the game play style. All of it goes together well. The sharks were probably my favorite part

kinda gets too hard n level 2... lol jk, ill come back next year!

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2009
12:21 PM EDT