Cosmic Crush 2

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Guide your space rock through the universe and devour all the space junk you can to grow into the largest planet possible.

Long awaited sequel, now with some big bug fixes. Hope y'all diggit :)



i played it and it was kinda funny, but wtf was the ending about???
just a big black circle and nothing more, no credits, no ''hey you've won''

kinda gay

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Great Improvement!

I love the way that this game looks - you've given it a nice feel and the graphics are nicely balanced with the gameplay aspect of it. Perhaps a tutorial level would help, especially if people get stuck in the gravity wells near the larger planets available on the levels.

I'd suggest a "galaxy builder" style of game, with a time limit and the chance to build a number of planets with the required statistics - barren rock, fertile planet, gas giant, etc. You would be able to select the number of satellites and progress from there - you've got a lot of potential, considering things like random orbits of things like asteroids, so give it a go.

I love this game and can see a lot more of my spare time being taken up playing this piece!

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A vast improvement

As with many of the people before me, I'm glad you were able to work out the bugs from the first one. Personally I didn't think you ever make a second one but I stand corrected.

First point of interest, the moons. Personally I really like them. I know that trying to program the ability to make understand the difference between something you can and can't absorb would be hard so you get no grip from on that front. However, I did find them interesting because I didn't use them as a defensive device as you suggested. I found they were better served as an offensive device. So good points there.

The other point, gravity. Like in the first one gravity is a big part of the game. I liked the realistic gravity but there was something you missed in this and got right in the first one. Even though my celestial body might be smaller then others, it should be able to alter their course ever so slightly (aka they should chase you a little). I like that in the first one because it made just that much more difficult to get away. With that said I also completely understand why gravity has no effect on the comets, it would be to easy/annoying if they did so you'll get no complaints there.

All in all, this a much better game then the first and I'm happy to see that revisited this game. Thank you.

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Bi-Polar-Bear responds:

thanks for the positive feedback :) I used to have it so the moons wouldnt hit smaller objects (to make it easier to eat them) but i decided it made the game too easy, glad to see you dont mind, alot of people seem to complain about that in particular

Second time lucky.

Just as good as the first one, only this time it works much better thanks to not getting stuck on things that just clump together and eat you alive.

However, there is one annoyance left in it: the moons can't tell the difference between stuff that's not a danger to you and things that are. It makes absorbing smaller objects irritatingly difficult when you've got a moon on just about every possible area of the planet / sun / galaxy / whatever. Half the time, even with just one or two moons, you have to be really careful about how you approach edible stuff, else all that happens is you end up losing a few moons and obliterating the object that could've benefitted you had you not been surrounded with moons.

The obvious solution to the above would be to program the moons to only hit stuff that would otherwise harm you, and ignore things smaller than the main rock.

There's also the issue of replay value; there isn't very much at all here. Although it is a lot of fun the first time round, there's not many reasons to want to do it again (unless you just really love absorbing stuff). Why you took out the survival mode from the last one, I've no idea (unless it was hopelessly bugged or something).

This file is less than 1/5 of the maximum upload limit to Newgrounds, so there's a lot of free space for you to experiment with new modes / objects / stages / etc. This is a good start, and all it would take to make this potential top 50 material is a healthy dose of creativity.

Keep at it! This is gonna go somewhere good, if given enough time and effort.

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Bi-Polar-Bear responds:

i didnt take the survival mode out, i took the level mode out, its only a survival game now, you can submit your score at the end.


It's good, but it needs more options

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Oct 13, 2009
6:39 PM EDT
Skill - Collect
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