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Picma - Picture Enigmas

rated 4.04 / 5 stars
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Oct 13, 2009 | 3:26 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place October 14, 2009

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Author Comments

Picture logic game, featuring 60 unique puzzles ranging from 5×5 to 50×50 cells.

Visit the "About" screen to learn more about the game and it's origins.

If you never played before we suggest taking a look at the "How to play" in-game.

GAME MODE: The default is "Supervised", it's meant for new players and will notify them of mistakes and correct those mistakes at a price. Enabling "Free" mode in the Options screen will stop the game from correcting and punishing mistakes.

LOGIC: All puzzles can be solved by logic alone, some are simply very, very hard.

MEDALS: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are given if you beat the average time by a certain %. Note that the averages were mostly calculated from players with some experience in the game genre, Gold Medals are not intended to be easy to attain.


- Full list of controls available by clicking the ? icon in-game.

- Click a square to fill it, Shift + click to place an X.
- You may zoom in and out using the magnifying glass.
- Pan/scroll is done using WASD, by CTRL + drag or by clicking the "compass" icon and dragging.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This was a fun and pensive game.

The music is downright lullaby-level soothing, which is fine by me because I tend to take my time with number-logic puzzles like this. There was a spot or two where I just decided to take a guess on placing a color because I thought I knew what the picture would be. But generally, I stuck to logic, and there's plenty of that. As of the Expert level, it's a challenge, and I look forward to tackling the bigger ones. I haven't needed to use the magnifier yet, and I've avoided using the coin, but I can see the latter one changing soon. I liked the efficiency of filling whole rows of color/X's in one sweep, though there were other times where I thought the stylus tended to slip to the wrong square. That might be my mouse sensitivity.

Clearly, that last point calls for practice. Time to play this game a few more times!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well considering that I hate puzzle games, you must be doing something right because I spent two weeks straight doing nothing but playing this game. xD Even after beating all the levels unsupervised, I wish you'd do something like let users submit the levels they create. I'd probably play this game nonstop for the next five years. xD


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game, few problems.

Really fun game. I even spent half an hour looking for this game on an unblocked website in my school (now I have something to do during study hall).

The only things I don't like is the magnification and the colors.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Just wanted to let you know what a great little game you have here and that I love it. The background music is very soothing and I kind of needed that right now. Thanks, this one's going in my favourites

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun concept with some breaking flaws.

So, I'm a picross fan. Any new spin on it like this invariably excites me. It did some things right - smooth visuals, the addition of color makes the images a lot more fun to chip out and adds an interesting new level of challenge. Locking onto one row or column when the cursor is dragged down one is a -godsend- and I wish more of these games did it.

Onto the hard stuff: The font you use for the numbers is a pain to read, especially on lowest magnification or lighter colors against the light background. Speaking of magnification, I don't like this system. I don't like it at all. Not being able to see what I'm working on is disorienting and the larger puzzles are simply not possible to fit on the screen, even at lowest magnification (where I can't tell a 6 from an 8 from a 9 in your font). The way the icon to move the image is situated on the bottom of the screen also makes it a pain to drag downward in the small margin left below it. Dragging the pen down a row or column, much as I love your system there, can be buggy and leave gaps if you're not cautious. The numbers along the edges also occasionally don't fade out where they should - several times I had to erase and fill in a block again to get them to work. The puzzles themselves are mostly good, but in several cases a combination of very few large blocks of any single color and excessive use of blank space in the art made them next to impossible to solve without simply guessing. I actually suspect the puzzles "I can hear the sea," "violet lilies" and "curious dragon" are literally impossible to do on paper without a computer confirming if your guesses are right or not. Several other puzzles had certain moments like this (furred bandit, hiding in the bushes), but they were mostly mild enough to solve with the single hint you get from the coin. That's a nice feature, by the way, I wish the tutorial had told me about it. I didn't know it was there until I stumbled into it much later in the game.

Six is the highest score I grant where design flaws go far enough to interfere with my enjoyment of the game. It's an otherwise very good game so I'll be merciful; 6/10.

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