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Madness killzorzzzz test

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Ok this is nothing more than a test, that is why it its short.
Please do not blam this because of length.

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Pretty good!

To be hONEST.....

Its AWESOME!!!!!!

Well i wont blam it...


Love the custom Madness Guys

They look pretty good, very slick not sure if you yourself made them but if you did nice work, though if you didn't make anything in this, guns, people, animations ect. you DEFINATLEY should have given credit to who did. Anyways I must say way to short, it's good but it's a test newgrounds is for movies you can't say don't blam cause it's a test and it's supposed to be short cause people evaluate on length adding to overall quallity. Sorry man but even if it is a 'test' the 5 seconds makes it worse. Overall 8/10.

It's actually very good

It's unfortunate that it's short. I suggest trying to animate more. You aren't perfect, maybe a bit too fast, but you're on the right track. Try to make it longer or have multiple tests like this, THEN submit it.