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Oh my gosh! My first flash submission! I can't believe I actually survived through it! This is my third animation, though, and I look forward to posting more soon! ^^


Can not unwatch.

This short is rather odd. It makes you feel that fuzzy empty space in your brain. But what can I say? I like it. I'm not even sure what is happening at the arse end of the toon. I'm not sure if that is your fault or mine. However I simply enjoyed the surreal ride.

Will this end up as a series or will you be making anything else - you're a talented artist and it'd be a shame to see someone of your level going to waste.

TheEz responds:

Thanks so much! ^^

Oh, the guy at the arse end of the toon is Fatal1ty, arguably the world's best FPS player. He gets flung by poo. Monkeys tend to do that. Wily critters!

But the number one point of this episode is to poke fun at gamers.

I'd love to continue with the series as soon as another fuzzy brain fart enters my consciousness! Watch this space ;D


This was amazing. I knew you had it in you Ez. The sound was really well done. I loved the video game and CSI references. Horatio is such a retard...

The only fault I can find with it is that the "PlayX2" button at the end didn't work, if it was even supposed to be one. Regardless, I watched it again immediately afterwards.

I look forward to your future endeavors. Keep them coming, now that you have so much more time on your hands ;)

TheEz responds:

Thanks so much! Means a lot coming from you! :D

Btw the Play x2 does work. I've been maniacally testing it left and right. It just doesn't make a hand icon appear. >///< Click it and seeeeeee.....


I loved it very much! I watched it 3 times!! I can't wait for your movie lol!! Loved the voices Ez! You really are excellent!! Plz make more your stuff is brilliant!

this is supa nice

are you sure this is your third animation, coz its like you have done this for years

Time to challenge JohnnyUtah!

If I could rate it higher I would. Would have loved to hear what the 300 guy was mumbling about though, my reading speed just was ready.

TheEz responds:

The 300 guy, Leonidas, was mumbling "Ahoo" - which is, if you listen very closely while watching the movie, the battle cry of the Spartans. :3

Thanks so much, though! Sorry if the reading was hectic! ^^;

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3.74 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2009
5:13 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody