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Protect the city from evil words by typing them out. Use powerups to your advantage.


Difficulty needs some scaling

It's a solid typing game. Fun and challenging and the regenerating shields keeps you from dying too quickly. While the game does a good job of scaling difficulty with increased speed, the same can't be said for word size and choice. I don't know about everyone else, but having to type several words I've never even heard of till they appear on the screen is a lot harder than typing ones I've seen before. So when I'm just starting and I get words like boscages, platinas, and stolons in the first level it feels a bit too difficult at times. The feeling only gets worse when they're coming at you fast later on and they're all very high end words.

In short great game, but could have done with a more standard vocab of words in my opinion.

same as ultimatum479

I got stuck at 7722 score... It was about 27 or 28 level as far as i remember...
It was getting fast and thought it would be a challenge :( A little bit disappointed but still cool idea

Not bad.

Quite challenging. Especially when you offer some weird words. xD

Thanks for this game.


I was enjoying the game, but I didn't get far in before I hit a glitch. I froze them with a power-up and then I paused to check an IM... When the freeze powerup ended, the words moved on without me and I lost. It fell to the main menu. I thought maybe I can fix things by clicking play again, but not so. I'm not allowed to type because the pause screen is overlaying everything and locks my controls... Other than that, I was enjoying it. See if you can work this bug out and I'll try again.

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Pretty decent

I like the idea..but I kinda hated the words that were coming my way. I had no idea how to spell half them because they weren't in my dictionary anyway.

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2009
9:04 PM EDT
Skill - Typing