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Protect the city from evil words by typing them out. Use powerups to your advantage.


Fun game

but I'm a terrible typist, lol. I got 3744

And for everyone asking, FIX fixes your shield. only works if you've taken damage.

Only played for a few rounds

and then decided i needed to write a review after typing in "Blowjob" as the final word in a round lol. call me immature if you will but i laughed pretty damn hard.

Now to the real review. I like how you took a classic defense shooter type game and gave it a twist that actually improves a persons vocabulary, there were a few things i typed in that i had never heard of before. seemed like the speed progression from level to level may have been just a smidge to much, but it made up for it in that you only have to take out so many words in a given round and then the rest are destroyed for the next round.

All in all, i liked it a lot and am sure I will go and play for another 20 minutes after writing this. Intellectual content that will definetly provide a more entertaining way to practice typing than those crap programs I used in grade school, liked the music choice and you get big points for the mute option (I hate when there isnt a mute option), and the powerups were nice and i thought you worked them into the gameplay well. 9/10 5/5

time to me immature.

i had to write 'lesbians' lolol :D

Great game

Challenging words, Would have been a real chore except for all those English classes. Keep up the good work, Definatly have never seen a defense game that didn't just require a small amount of strategy and clicking. Going to have my secretary try it out later on today. should be fun.

numba 14!

i love it, and its kinda addicting. i wish i knew what the words meant ^_^

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2009
9:04 PM EDT
Skill - Typing