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Protect the city from evil words by typing them out. Use powerups to your advantage.


Pretty fun

But I seemed to be able to use the Freeze power as many times as I wanted. I played twice and each time, if I waited until I was a few levels in, I could use Freeze an unlimited amount of times. I'm guessing that's not supposed to happen. Otherwise, it was pretty fun, but I could see it getting boring pretty fast. And I also wish there were more common words, and not so many unknown words. I believe more people would find it fun then.

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Pretty decent

I like the idea..but I kinda hated the words that were coming my way. I had no idea how to spell half them because they weren't in my dictionary anyway.


Interesting concept, and fun. The only problem I had was from accidentally typing the wrong letter, since I'm not looking at the bottom blue word, I'm not sure how many times i have to backspace and it leads to extremely frustrating situations.

All in all, fun concept, just needs a bit more work.

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I liked it and was having fun until i realized i was actually learning something!
jk i kept losing because I stressed out so i quit!
I must say that I felt ashamed that the words I speleld faster were "erotism" [or something like that] and psycho....
would love to see it be developed more!

nice game...

This is a nice challenging game, pretty original and good for training writting skills...

But i agree with the last comment about the music... it could turn boring after a while...

THERE'S ALSO A BUG i get in the level 27 after beating the level 26 using an "erase" command, the level started but no more words fell and so i got stucked in that level...

Nice work though, I liked this game..!


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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2009
9:04 PM EDT
Skill - Typing