NecroPhobia 2

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This is one of my first Flash games ever (2002). Good for a laugh.

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cool game but for one its kinda short and kinda easy but other than that good

Worst. Game. Ever.


Go silent hill!


It was a bit too easy. I only went to three places and beat the game in two minutes.


1. Click the Map button at the beginning.
2. Click the Red X beside Jameson Memorial Park.
3. Click the panel on the gate.
4. Enter these numbers: 2, 3, 1, 0
5. Click the black panel under the statue.
6. On the puzzle, the diagram should look like this:
Note: There are symbols instead of numbers!
Click the panels in the following order: 4, 3, 2, 1
7. Congrats, you've found the Desperalniclotene. Select Yes to put it in the cooler.
8. Go back to the map and click the red X right of Mooke Str.
9. Click the car.
10. Click the following to complete the game.
a) Connect battery and oscillator.
b) Connect coil to rotor.
c) Connect rotor and spark plugs.

You win.

P.S: Pretty good for your first game.


hey this game was kinda tuff...i mean wen i first played it i like instantly died...than i couldnt go anywere...so i cheated a bit and used the TAB key to find were to click...and yes i did find 2 secrets...the game is ok but got boring after a while...i also hate reading...and the riddles were to hard or watever they were