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The water cycle for n00bs

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Oct 12, 2009 | 2:53 PM EDT

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some crappy animation for school. its pretty awesome though because its a grade 11 assignment and I was in grade 10. THAT is how pro I am

Edit: Why is the score so high? I should honestly start down-voting this shiiiaaaat.



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i love this!

BeamShank responds:

Thank you, kind sir.


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Promotion to winner.

Your doing an EXCELLENT JOB!

BeamShank responds:

The game.


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I totally didn't know the water cycle before, but now I DOOOOOOOOO!!!!

anyway good job

BeamShank responds:

Shut up Jack.


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Overly simplified, but gets the point across

The water cycle taught in environmental science class goes into pain-staking detail about the water that comes back: where it hits (land, sea, etc), where it goes (run-off with fertilizer taint, run-off in mountains going to streams and lakes, etc), what it gets filtered through (sand, fertilizer, hazardous waste, etc), where it can end up being stored (in aquifers underground, in lakes, in plants, etc). It segments the land into a water table, so you can see how the water cycle has a built in filtration system (filters through sand and earth before comimg back out through plants, wells, etc).

While water is a renewable resource (you can't create or destroy matter, it can only change forms), there is only so much usable, fresh water on-hand at any given moment in the Earth. That's why conservation is so important. It costs a butt-ton of money to create desalinization plants to make fresh water out of ocean water. So, we're sort of stuck relying on the water cycle to most of our filtration for us. And, it does a fabulous job. Raw sewage is treated at sewage plants, neutralizing a lot of the toxins and removing a lot of the thick debris (feces, condoms, and all the other crap people flush down the's not a fucking magical garbage can, people), but it's only neutralized to a certain extent. It's finally pumped out 2 miles into sea so it can get filtered through the water cycle. Sounds gross, but it's natural.

We humans end up f'ing up the water cycle by creating hazerdous run-off conditons that pollute the water table, essentially polluting the water reserves. EG: folks chuck out their batteries (AA, AAA, DD, etc) into the garbage even though they're supposed to recycle them. The heavy metals in the batts can leach into ground water if they end up in a landfill that doesn't have a decent lining. That polluted ground water works its way back to you. Mmmm...doesn't that nickel/cadmium-enhanced water taste awesome!? Processed fertilizers used on lawns, motor oil from streets after a rainstorm, all kinds of stuff ends up in the water. But the land filters it out, if given enough time. But just like your immune system, it can only do so much at a time. If we over-tax it, then we're stuck with a water cycle that no longer refreshes the water but keeps re-polluting.

And that's why Perez Hilton is an idiot.

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BeamShank responds:

hmm... that was pretty entertaining to read =P


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Such a simple flash and idea yet so very entertaining. Great job! Hope you make more like this.

BeamShank responds:

ehyuuup. im workin on it.