Iron Turtle

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This is a platformer that involve timing and escaping. Unlike most platformers you play today i did not use Box2D or any third party physics plugins! I actually used Flash 8 with no third part plugins at all. Everything is programed in AS2 Static Class, thats right, SUPER OLD SCHOOL STYLE

Well anyways, its not perfect!
The Collision detection is not that good!

I hope you find it fun, thanks


Arrow keys for movement,
R for restart,

There is a secret on level 8


pretty fun

But in the long run... it just couldn't hold onto my short attention span. Good try though.

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jjwallace responds:

damn :-)

it was okay

The physics were really off, for example: running into a wall shouldnt propel me forward. Hitting the side of a spring shouldnt make me shoot either. The sides of spikes arent sharp, so i shouldnt die from them.

I suggest you try a physics plugin. A good one that i have heard of is Box2D. That alone will greatly improve the gameplay quality.

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jjwallace responds:

i did it all from scratch. I will agree with ya the physics sucks but i don't wana use the third party stuff. I am working on a new physics engine. It should be better. I program in AS2 static class, so i would have to learn OOP but i am not really a good programmer more of an artist. Maybe when i learn AS3 i can get into the Box2D stuff, and particle generation and all the fancy stuff people use now.

Oh boy, what can I say

This is possible the most awesome game in the history of awesome flash games. From the multiple musics to the ingeunous coding, this has to be up tops.

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jjwallace responds:

Thanks a lot man, i am glad to see ya like it. Its my first real platformer that i have made. There are some glitches but i learned a lot from making it :-)


I really enjoyed this game. However, I was confused at the numbering of the levels as I was on level 20 and it said 19 complete when I finished it and then it went to 22 and back to 19 again. Can someone cover this up for me?

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jjwallace responds:

wow really? i have never seen that happen before? did you find the bonus level full of mushrooms? hmmmm, well there is a bonus level, with a hidden door.... Well not so hidden.

Educational and Fun for awhile.

It teaches you the Elements, what type they are, and its symbol, and it does provide fun for awhile but theres minor bugs in some levels which, if you keep jumping, you'll...pass through the object, and come out on top.

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jjwallace responds:

yeah, there are some glitches in the game, i was spending hours working on fixing them before i decided that maybe i will just leave them in for that imperfect touch.. I learned a lot from making the physics engine, and the next one i will have all glitches fixed. Thanks a lot for the review, :-)

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3.74 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2009
12:10 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle