runescape 7

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pretty good seuqle

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Totally, crap.

Ok so im guessing, for you to post all these insults and TERRIBLE FLASH SUBMISSIONs, that you are about 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 years old?

LOL. Seriously. Your not mature enough to handle newgrounds, And it looks like when you recieve reviews from the audience you get a bit upset or unstable.

Ok so the checklist.

1) Grow up
(Includes hair)

2) Learn some decent flash skills.
You can use books to do this. Books can be read to gain information. Information is knowledge. .. Maybe you could actually learn some? :o :o :o

3) Get some decent insults in the bag.
Insulting people mum's is the oldest joke. (Mind you, you probably cant remember theyre that old, because i dont think your that old yourself - im guessing 10.)
Calling people morons isn't very creative. Try going on google and searching for some decent insults because you obvisouly can't think of any yourself!
(Refer step 1)

4) Have a nice day kid.

thehoopz responds:

I'm 90 years older than you.


(so this wont get p-botted): You really need to add an animation, it helps the flash and can really ratings. Nice little beginning part though.

Other than that... All your videos are quite weird, i think people look at the "7.3mb video" and decide it must not be spam, so vote 5 (this is during judgement). Later when others look at it though, they vote 0, yet, all the 5's outweigh it. *And so the spam continues*

ballin' indeed

You convey a interesting enough message in your flash creations. For this I salute you.

thehoopz responds:

hell yeah nigggga


I noticed you called us all 'fucking morons'. Yet you do not seem to make this very clear as to why. From what I can see you seem to assume that we are only morons if we 'rate ten and vote five'. Therefore, since I have rated you flash zero across the board, that means I am a genius. Regardless, it is unwise to insult the audience.

Also, I suggest using a different or more elaborate sound during the looped portion at the end of your flash. As it is, it simply comes across as a loud and garbled mess. Clearly unsatisfying, and I hope you place more effort into your next attempt.

thehoopz responds:

your fucking morons because you vote 5ed on it dumbfuck

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0.50 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2009
12:08 PM EDT