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Lazy Days

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Just a cute little flash I did...
I know its not like my other works and I honestly dont expect much to come from this... But I just figured everyone could use a little warm fuzzy feeling inside...

It was going to be called "When will you be home?" And at the end it would have the owner come home and the cat would be happy sleeping on the owners lap or something... but I wanted to keep the human element out of it...
Anyways... Hope you guys enjoy it... Feel free to comment... I normally respond to them...

P.S. If anyone has ANY suggestions on how to animate a cat's tail PLEASE let me know... I had a really hard time... Thanks!

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Nostalgic (Except for Eating the Hairball....)

I used to have a whole army of cats. Had to give them all away, of course. My parents had a cat named Peanut Butter who lived for twenty-nine years! She was like a kitten until the last six months of her life. After that my mother refused to get another cat. I despise dealing with the landlord in any capacity, so I won't jump through hoops to get a pet for my apartment. It's depressing to hear about the friendships forged between pets and their owners, for me at least, because it is part of a world that for some reason I'm not a part of anymore.

WIth that said, watching "Lazy Days" put me in a melancholy mood. It contains everything you'd expect out of watching a domesticated feline: subtlety, crudity, even joy. The cat does not appear to miss the owner, knowing the owner will come home (or is already there), and goes about its business the way that any fastidious creature does.

One of the most challenging aspects of animating a cat is getting the tail down pat. Ashley had insane amounts of trouble and it shows. It's also a poor presentation, having eyeballed the frame-by-frame. It resembles a squiggly invertebrate than a prehensile tail. There is also a bone structure to a cat's tail, evident if you look long enough. One thing is for sure, though: under no condition could you just "tween" a cat's tail and live to tell the tale; the traditional method, no matter what effort or result, is the only method that can work.

Getting past that glaring flaw, the simple style, color composition, animated antics, and even the choice in music (a bit rough but passable) complement one another in a gorgeous tapestry. There's no real plot or slapstick mischief, but cheers to Ashley for never including the absurdity of those cat videos and captioned pictures you see on YouTube. Those pretty much withheld my desire to have anything to do with cats. This Flash alone stirred that desire alive again, and not in a way I find comfortable.

"Lazy Days" is a sweet, cute little cartoon when you need a break from all those "Madness" sequels and "Blacktastic" music videos (I assume someone had the nerve to try their hands at one of Stamper's songs), and maybe it might just make you nostalgic as well...!

I Lov the Cat <33

Nice ANimation, Ur so good at it! :DD
I love the Cat, But He's So lonley D:

I don't know why i think its sad...

The cat just looks lonely.And thats sad.

Crazy Cakes!

That was fuck caking awesome!! lol

I don't exactly have tips for animating a cat's tail but if you did it fbf it's easier to do if you set a tablet button to insert blank keyframe which is f7. i can animate 10 times faster by using this technique and especially forg oing back and coloring.



that was cute :3 simple cute flash, good job X3