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~The Story~
Evolve Inc. sells slightly dangerous occult incantations to people for awful prices; someone was bound to pick up a picket sign and a megaphone eventually. A corrupt church bishop goes to drastic measures to show off who really owns Necropolis.


No joking

The weird funny stuff that weren't that funny, really ruined it, but I really enjoyed the character of Elixir, as he seems to be the kinda' good guy that everybody hates, because of what his stepbrother does in his place. And then when he dies in the end, its the start of a war, because of stupidity, and ignorance from both sides. Major dissapointment are the 'good' church-people, as they seem much more like the bad guys then Elixir.

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Long way to go.

You're a great artist, but you've got a lot to learn in terms of animation, direction, and fine tuning.

You've gotta think more about those little things like background noise, sound effects as well as just improving your skill before you can pull off something as ambitious as you did. Nice try so far, though.

Fantastic Art, Awful Plot

ART 11/10

The art was extremely impressive. Every character had lots of high end detail and animation. The backgrounds were great and were enjoyable to look at. I loled at all of the hidden messages like STOP READING THIS haha. The glow effects you used were really nice and didnt lag the video but by just a little bit to where it was barely noticable. The animation design and art is the high of this movie, however the lows are much less impressive.

SOUND 3/10

Good god man you need to mix the sound a bit better for this. There was tons of screeching and popping and buzzing going on in my speakers. To make sure it mwasnt my speakers I switched to headphones. Same thing happened. You need to get better voice actors and turn down the music whenever someone is talking. ESPECIALLY for the girls. The wife of the guy that scream was very painful to the ears. I could barley understand anything she said because every time she talked my speakers popped. The only good voices were romeo and the white guy with weird powers. This mixing problem is very easy to resolve as well. All you need to do is...

1.) GET BETTER VOICE ACTORS! Or at least voice actors with better quality mics.

2.) Mix all the voices together and make sure it sounds good, easy to listen to and good to the ears.

3.) Export it at least at 60KBS, thas a good quality and wont take up that much file size.

PLOT 7/10

The plot was fairly nice but made me go WTF. I didnt udnerstand what the hell was up with the guy having magic powers and the obsessions of the girl with needles... lol. I just recommend making it flow together a bit smoother. It was cool with the whole anarchy concept but it didnt flow to well. Make it understandable by the majority of the public.

Well thats pretty much all i have to say. You have a WONDERFUL animation skill and talent, some of the bes tI have seen on NG. You just need to learn how to mix better and you can hire someone to do that for you hehe.

Hope to see more!

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There's allot of Samurai Champloo influence...which is nice...but its its almost a rip off~
which is y the score isnt 10 D:
Originality style wise is a "please" in my perspective

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The Boondocks + Samurai Champloo = Necropolis Xeno

not a bad flash. it does have some issues like the ones MrObvos, AST1296, Onimast, and ProudWolf were talking about. If you address this issues in future installments this series could become very popular on Newgrounds.

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Oct 11, 2009
3:45 AM EDT