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Wild Wind

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This is something that often happens to me when I donĀ“t cut my hair!

Thanks For all !!!!
It makes me happy you have enjoyed wild wind !!!!

For more :

On Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/7037952

Music (eddsworld) : http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/145007



Well that suprised me, when it was all in pixels i expected somethign abit diffrent but man that was some good pixelation, plus it was smooth flowing and as i say the animation was top notch, can't really say their was much for a plot but then again i got the gist, would of just been nicer if it had been longer, eitherway keep up the good work :D

Very well done.

This was very good. I liked the pixelized way you animated it. very original might I add. It was humours even if it was little bit bland, not a lot was going on. but it got the job done. Very nice work, I hope to see more from you in the future.

Very well animated.

As short as this was, I loved how you animated the character.
It is very well synchronized with the recorded audio. Its rather impressive that this was all done through pixel art. Also love each of the facial animations and the gestures the character does. Very clear, distinct and specific.

I wish it was a bit longer though however I think I can connect with this animation. My hair gets like that when I don't cut it. It starts to get rather unruly.

Anyways, great job. My only complaint is the length.
Btw, great music choice. :)


Meh, loved every bit of it. Humorous insight on a small bit of daily light. But ah, that's why I try to keep my hair short! The only big flaw I could point out is that I feel like a geek now because I could identify all of the SFX in the flash. Oh well... Great job. I'd like to see more of your humorous pixel flashes about the workday. Maybe one about spilling coffee? Eh, I suck at at idea support. Anyway, great work, I'm definitely gonna watch the next thing you make. You've gained my support.


Great use of Pixel animation and music all in one. FUn to watch and very professional.


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4.27 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2009
12:33 AM EDT