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Captain Violence

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EDIT: Thank you for this award what you have bestowed upon me. I shall drink heartily from this mighty chalice and toast the cosmos under the guidance of both Zeus of Jebus. Cheers!

(I will respond to all reviews in a little while but I've got to go to B&Q to pick up some flooring (I'm redoing the hallway and living room) so I'll be back in a couple 'o hours.)


Violence, blood and pathos...

...we are about to learn a very important lesson.


Special thanks must go to the terrific voice actors for putting up with my nonsense over the last few months. They are, of course;

Courtney Leacock as: Narrator, Dr.Samuel Baxter, Parking Attendant, Captain Violence, "Billy".

Shard-Spider as: Dr.Dieter Von Slaphed/The Follicator.

and Ms. Rina-chan as: Susanna Giuseppe.

Thank you also to the fantastic audio artists who have unwittingly supplied the sound track to this glorious monstrosity.

I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

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its really good but waht do you use to animate all this?

i smell

a series keep it coming lol


I didn't get a chance to see this when it was posted, and I thank you for using one of my pieces.

The cartoon itself is classic, GREAT voice work and great use of the music. Funny stuff, hope to see more from you!


While this was very well animated and the a/v quality was also excellent, I feel that it suffered from poor writing. Som of the wording felt awkward and the humor was somewhat lacking in punch. If you are not a good writer, it would certainly not be amiss to find someone on a forum more capable, as an animator of your caliber would have no trouble finding someone willing to help.


The flash was great, although I did notice that at the fight scene (when the screen gets covered in blood) Captain Violence throws his punches in a very awkward manner. Maybe do a backswing animation?

Still the humor was great, and when the guy started loosing all his limbs, as he rapidly soured through the sky, I remembered the movie Hostel (Ya Know. The one with the Asian that pops an eyeball and white stuff flows out in steady streams)

The voice acting was also very appropriate, with a nerdy feel to, well, the nerds and a very heroic, dramatic feel to the hero; or in this case just Captain Violence ;)

Also the scene with the cop served as a nice comic relief, after the guy talked 'bout how his girl was getting mugged and stuff. 9/10

sorbitol responds:

Thanks man!

I knew about the punching animation but I left it in because I felt it looked funny - I wasn't really going for realism :)

Glad you liked the voices, I was very lucky to get to work with some real pro's!
Believe it or not, all the male voices (apart from The Follicator) were performed by one man, Courtney Leacock.

Glad you liked the cartoon - Thanks for the review!