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Morplar the Alien

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This is just a little thing I did for my media class.

The basic idea was that despite having awesome sci-fi stuff happening around him, Morplar finds his day boring.

I appreciate your constructive feedback. Please comment.

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Below average/ Failing


~The way you draw is pretty interesting and in my opinion, great.

~It isn't annoying or random nor does it give me a reason to outright blam it.


~I had a problem with it before getting to watch it, there is no preloader.

~Adding to the frustration of the lack of a preloader, there is to replay button.

~Even more infuriating, there is no pause button, pause menu, replay button, scene select, audio control, nothing. From this menu alone MUCH is dependant. You must understand that without it I will not give you above an average unless your flash is distastefully short, and even then there must be a good reason and it must STILL have a preloader and a replay button.

~Even with your drawing skills, and as much as I hate critiquing this particular thing, your imagination needs improvement. The plot was boring, and the actions unaffiliated. This confuses me and does not make me care for Moplar.

~Moplar is generally uncaring of his surroundings and therefore can not be made to easily interact with other things, cutting most of what you can make a story out of.

Things that just are:

~Your flash is too short for me to give a review on the audio, plot, content, etc. with their own individual sections.

~I think this flash is more a showing of skill rather than your personal attempt at making something.

~If I were you, I would team up with a writer, I don't mean to sound harsh, but Business Co? Not to mention the references you needed to fall back on in movies, and don't try to hide the fact you used Kanye West.

ZacDyson responds:

Hehe, well I'm glad you didn't blam it.

It's been a little while since I had graced the fair lands of newgrounds.com so I'd forgotten to include the essentials like a replay button and pre-loader. This is also due to the fact it was originally created for the internet.

"Business Co." was just trying to highlight how monotonous his life was, I guess.

Thanks for the feedback.


Not the flash but that alienĀ“s life man he is supeeeer lamee and his job its the worst is the worst in the world.
Your drawing skills are not that bad, at least you are better than me :P... I think its a litle short but the you have some imagination. Keep it up ;)
Oh one more thing, I have to agreed with the others you should made a preloader

ZacDyson responds:

I'm glad you found his life boring :D

Yeah. Pre-loader. Hopefully it doesn't affect my score too badly.


I'm taking an animation class my self. Looks like something I'll have by the end of the year.

Love the art.

ZacDyson responds:

Thanks. I think I need to improve on my drawing ability, but that takes practice, I guess :D

Great stuff !

From the very start i knew this would be good, the perspective is great from the go off. A preloader would have been a good touch but im not going to mark you down for it as you saw the error of your ways already :).

Loving the window scene, shows what some people miss, and thats just simple as reflection. The equal balance between the inside and outside shown was perfect, along with the comedy this is a nice little piece, especially considering its only a short for some media classwork.

Keep this up and you should do great, I'm rooting for you . :D

ZacDyson responds:

Hahaha! Thanks man! I take a bit of inspiration from the Arrested Development series - they have a lot of that gear going on.


This is a pretty sweet piece of work, and it is seen that you've got some talent, and if you'd like, I'll go ahead and offer some criticism now. ;)

First off, the comedic (and you may or may have not intended for it to be funny) timing is brilliant. This is a major part of general movie making a lot of people miss out on, and I can tell you played around with your scenes before presenting. The idea is that you keep a scene lively and don't overwhelm the viewer with too many damn images to process in a short amount of time, and the way you do this is with cuts. Very amiable. Don't lose that.

But that brings me to one of my gripes with the animation: the cuts! Why do you you need to cut? Well, to be honest, the animation is stiff and tweeny. I did notice you sampled some good old fashioned FBF a couple of times, but I would dearly like to see more of it. That is the other big part of comedic timing, it's not just cuts to stimulate the brain repeatedly with different images; remember that some of the greatest animations have little to no cuts. It sounds like a daunting task to put so much attention to minute things, but if you can motivate yourself you'll have a well-rounded, complete package.

Now what is the best way to improve your animations overall, dis-regarding everything I've just said? Well, practice, practice, practice! Work on your art, FBF, and everything. If your serious about this stuff, get yourself a Wacom drawing tablet. It's especially useful if you can draw IRL.

Now I liked a lot of the perspective you had going on with geometric objects, and that was cool, but some of the background art and hand-drawn stuff seemed lifeless. Think that space scene with the ship at the beginning. You should work on developing things like that a little more.

Perhaps we've gone a little far by over-examining Moplar the Alien, but I sure hope this helps. :D

Cool, sometimes polished, but in general a little bland.

You used some really great sounds here, but I noticed they had a very high-pitched static sound that played along with them. That happens a lot, and it's really just Flash being a bitch. Try playing around with the audio quality setting under Publish Settings and re-export the animation.

I talked about comedic timing. The animation's too short to really go into detail here.

Real nice! I look forward to seeing more from you. You have a TON of potential, and don't forget it. :)

ZacDyson responds:

Thanks for the solid feedback.

I've tried playing around with wacom tablets, but I'm not quite sure how to get a really nice line using the brush tool, though i'll have to look into it.

With the sound, I had that baby pumped all the way up in quality in the publish settings - a bit annoying.

Thanks again for the feedback, i'll work on that in the future.