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Versus The Halloween

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Could have done without the literal "Fuck You" of an ending, but even that wasn't enough for me to hate this. Full on effort went into creating it. To each their own--but I did enjoy it...

it was kick ass until the end with the human faced penis and the fuk u you lose 3 stars because you ruined what could have been an epic flash and end battle but that's where it seems you got lazy, it became bad animation, then still screen. you get 1 star for the kick ass fight scene up until the ending and 1 star for animation (the animation and art work were actually quite good but I digress) and cool music gets you 1/2 a star. think about it would you want to be remembered for making people go wow he's good or the guy who had potential but couldn't grow up. seriously lose the penis face and the fuk u and make a KICK ASS FINAL FIGHT SEEN THAT WOULD WOW EVEN PICO. I know you can do it man remake the ending and really wow some people, and lose the obsession with cocks please or come out of the F-ing closet already you already admitted on your meet n' fuk rina-chan flash game that its cause your gay and like cum on your face and I don't understand your obsession with santa jerking off on a loop.... ya know what you probably cant even do it... you probably don't have the skill to finish it... that must be why you turn to cocks for support when Ideas run low your like I know I will draw a cock and say fuk-u as if it makes you cool... its sad you have so much potential yet act like a child and less like a man.

it was cool all the way until the end...

nope thats it


That was.... pretty good..... most of it made no sense though at all....
Cats fighting a pumpkin head person, and AWESOMEcat with a penis that looks like a real person... (Which was real disturbing too...) and then it ends it all off with a guy saying "Fuk u!" and sticking up his index finger..... thats... thats just too crazy for me man....

But it was a pretty good animation with some decent graphics. I have to give credit for that, and actuly trying to make it look perfect.


give u a ten because this is the kind of animation style i like to see