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Super Mario bros Z ep.8

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[UPDATE] Thanks for front page and Daily 1st again, people! It's good to know that people are still enjoying the series despite the delays.
Also, a special thank you to all those that have sent me donations. It's really helping me out. =)

[EDIT] Okay, with any luck all of the problems have been fixed now. Many of you may need to clear your browser cache in order to see the update. Chances are there are still some bugs I've missed, so if you find any, send me a PM.

Thanks ever so much to Tom Fulp for raising the upload limit for me. ^^
Wow. One year already, huh? Time sure flies when you're not having fun.
At least I didn't keep you guys waiting for 16 months this time. lulz!
Anywho, this episode has been the bane of my existence for the past few months. Trying to build up the motivation to work on it after all the stuff I've been through recently.
I experimented a lot with this episode. Mostly with Swift 3D for the Doomship and the hand drawn close ups. I did start using high res sprites for the close ups early on, but I later opted for vector drawings because they're clearer and quicker to make.
Back to the 3D stuff though, I am aware that the Doomship looks kinda primitive, but personally I kinda like it. It reminds me of the old Starfox game on the SNES. Plus I didn't like the idea of fully rendering it which would have made the file size skyrocket.
Anyways, I've kept you waiting long enough. Thanks to all those who have been patient and enjoy the latest episode of Super Mario bros Z!


Gay Luigi?


Pure Awesome

There was so many time through out the entire series i screamed one of the following

OWNER!(a word me n my friends made up)


It was well worth the wait too. I enjoyed the addition of 3-D graphics, pixel art, a big load of custom sprites and especially fire sonic. There WAS a bit too much dialogue but the action was amazing as always. I hope the next one won't take as long. Maybe more in the 6-8 month range hopefully. But I know this kind of thing takes a long time to make so it's okay if it takes another year. Just not 16 months again. Anyway, keep up the good work. :P

Amazing episode :D

I am the one who uploads the episodes as soon as the episodes comes out to a different site.
To settle it out:
In the videos I tell that I only presents them and I didn't make them but you did.
So i take nothing of credit.
now that's out of the way.

I am amazed how many sprites you actually made in this :O
I especially love the Sonic the Firehog sprite :D
I didn't think it would be THIS advanced to get Peach back this time so it's awesome :D
Take your time with the next one.
If they get this good in that time then i am willing to wait two years :D

Keep up the awesome work Alvin :)

from day (episode) one

from the first episode i was stunned at how well this was done, it stuck to the theme of mario and luigi, comical and seriouse, and even stuck to the charecteristics so well it hurt, and as the new episodes came out, new and more impressive animation tachniques have been used, from better explosions and cooler combat moves, to 3D effects and close ups to show more emotion

I also love how closly you stick to the sonic charecters, it's hard to believe that this wouldn't be a collaborated work of nintendo and sega if you were anonymous (not that anyone in there right mind wouldn't be proudo f their own animations) this series is by far, one the best things that you could have made, and still is, as you move further into the story, your skill and technique blows my mind, and any other viewer who has watched your work evolve over the years

the effort put behind this is beyond what i can say, and the time in between, the wait, is completly worth it too see the next official episode, the story, and the use of charecter backround is so well done, i love the emotional twist in the beginning, it was perfect

you deserve something grand for such amazing, and mind blowing work my friend

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Oct 9, 2009
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