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Spacelab: Dwarf and Rose

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That's how I roll baby.

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-This is definitely one of those issues that everyone takes high offense to and think that just because you don't want to have sex with an absolutely obese person as apposed to a skinny person that it makes you shallow. You brought up just about everything that I would think of when combatting someone who says that I am shallow. There are just some things that are going to make you unnattracted to someone while other things are going to make you attracted to them. Yes they may have a stunning personality but if they weigh 600 pounds they could kill me by sitting on me.

-Overall I think you did a great job with conveying your side of the story with some great audio and some nice animating. Nothing too fancy but the simpleness of how it was animated made it just as good. Lip-synching isn't perfect but it's pretty good in my opinion and you were able to keep the audio in line with the animating all the way through.

-Review Request Club

Good point

Actually a really good point you make in this movie. Guys getting called "shallow" because they won't sleep with a certain type of girls (or guys), in this case fat ladies.
I'm sure Rose wouldn't want to have sex with Manuel Uribe (the world's heaviest man) as well.

The graphics are simple, but very effective. There's just a conversation going on, so no need for overfancy graphics, I guess.

I too think the pause before the slap is a bit too long. At first I thought the flash ended there and was about to close it, when the picture suddendly began to move again.

{ Review Request Club }


Covering a pretty contentious and thorny issue, this really does expose how some people can be pathetic. I would say that there is another way to judge people by their weight, in that personality can offset some weight issue, but as has been covered, the female in the picture would not be getting anywhere near me in that manner, she's just too large.

Some people do have this opinion that if you weigh a single pound over a "target weight", then a person will become sexually unattractive to you. Perhaps this is true of certain individuals, but I view it that we just have to judge people according to our own standards. Would Dwarfinator have slept with Rose, or weas she too fat?

I think that there is some good animation here, but the pause before the slap was just too long. Perhaps shave a second or two from that and it would be a very well rounded flash. Keep up the good work.

You've got some nice audio, though the "Teh Edn" audio does need polishing up a little, to avoid dragging the quality down

[Review Request Club]

DWARFINATORclock responds:

Pauses in comedy are hard to do and people tend to disagree with what is funnier. I personally think it's funnier when the pause lasts just a little too long, and that is why I did it like this.

I put the "teh edn" sound in as a cc injoke.

Thank you for taking the time to review my movie.

I'd fap the fat one.

Nah, not really. This movie has a very good message. Fat chicks should start losing weight. Great morals, and a great ending make a great movie.

shallow bitches

thnx for slappin that ho

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4.62 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2009
9:11 PM EDT