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The Neurotest

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How's it going Newgrounds? This is our first ever submission to the Flash portal as well as our first time making a game. We worked pretty hard on this and in the end, it was a great learning experience. We made tons of mistakes, so we learned what not to do for the next game. We also made the music ourselves. Anyway, we hope you enjoy!

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The Neurotest is a game that tests your ability to remember sequences. All the instructions are in the game. Please make sure you read them carefully. There are about 4 different tasks, each with 5 levels. If you see any problems, please feel free to contact us :)

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Not a bad game... cept some of the letters are 100% unreadable ~_~ d00d...

VNStudios responds:

Sorry if you experienced any difficulties in the game. Maybe our next game will be better.

noticed some bad reviews

and i stopped playing after level 3 because it kept mixing up the numbers,if 5 fell first then 4,it would tell me 4 fell first,but its a solid idea,im just not feeling it,maybe for a second flash you guys could do something along the lines of a platformer,but the whole simon esqu puzzle is annoying,so puzzles bad,platformers good,hope the next submission i see from you guys is outstanding,you still get a good score for this one because its a solid game,and other than a few glitches,like the numbers and it wasnt recognizing some numbers in the sequence,its good,just dont do any more puzzles,and i like the fact that you guys are actually a game studio that actually reads reviews and responds to them unlike others here on NewGrounds,so keep it up,and if you guys develope a platformer,youll have a new fan,which is me,so here it is


VNStudios responds:

Being our first game we didn't expect the game to be exceptional or anything but we tried really hard on this and hopefully our next game will be really good. Thanks for the review and we hope you play our next game!


Well made..

..but boring

Nice music though!

VNStudios responds:

Thanks for the review,


You forgot the most important part of a game...


Where's the fun in what essentially amounts to a game of simon?

VNStudios responds:

It's just a simple game and it was our first so we still have lots to learn.



I think it is an interesting Idea, but I don't think it worked so well. The sequence was never so much an issue for me, however there were several times in the first level set that I failed out just trying to read the numbers. The colors blended too much. Also the difference between some of the 'same time' vs. like a ms apart Isn't what I would call a sequence issue so much as ones choice in calling events seperate. I don't know if it looks more distinct on better computers but on mine the last 3 digets in the first level sequence appear to fall at the same time.

Also I do agree with what someone else had said about the purple looking blue. That is until you actually see the blue. Blue did not appear in the color sequence until the last level for me at which point I simply went 'Oh, so that is why they call it purple'. I guess the theme of the point is you should either change the color of the words to match. Or set the swatches to match the color of the words. By the by on that same note the swatch for the red and orange look the same to me.

I think passing the first and third level sets were really more about trial and error and discovering the ideosyncrasies of the game than they were about any sort of skill. The second and fourth level sets flew by and proved that in my mind.

Furthermore I did like the music, I just didn't want to listen to it while playing the game, you should be able to turn the music off before starting the actual game so you don't miss action or loose time shutting it off. Along those lines it would be nice if your buttons (such as the music, menu, replay, etc.) were buttons rather than clickable text. When time is a factor you don't want to click somewhere and realise that the click did nothing because your mouse wasn't in exactly the right spot.

Also on a last note. The timer should not run between levels. When the game is not running you should not have to rush if you don't want a bad score. And those are my thoughts. I know some of these issues have been touched before but I just wanted to include a full set of my comments on the game.

VNStudios responds:

Thank you for the review. We could have fixed more things, but this is our first game and we all were getting pretty tired of it haha. But on future games we will make sure everything is in order before release.