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Ichigo VS Sonic

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My first sprite animation sonic vs ichigo it really is only 1MB big but the song was a whole MB! Anyways my first animation hopefully i dont get blammed ive had Flash for about 2 weeks and this toke me 1 week i was just adding things (and my pc kept crashing =P) so please watch and ENJOY! My first sprite animation in FLASH!!

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I'm impressed

Though it may sound corny, for a first sprite flash (and other issues) I'm rather impressed with the flash, but IMO, we need either a 'plot' or backstory to where they both either met and argued or something happened.

Keep it going.



not bad, ive seen better, but it was your first sprite flash animation. BUT WTF WAS WITH THE ENDING???im sure every1 would agre tha ichigo coul kick sonics ass 20 times before sonic finnaly got 1 over on ichigo(if at all) and come on, WHERES THE HOLLOW MASK???the ichigos hollow mask is as important to him as a shinigamis zanpakto!!! plz remember this hings next time

Igalacka17 responds:

sorry lol after about 400 or 500 frames i got bored lol

Let's see...

Well, it was good (better sprite animation than I could do LOL) but on your next one, try to make it longer. Nice choice of music too. ^^

Not all that bad

But still, and of course its a first work so it isnt the best out there but once more i see nearly all effects from dragon ball... personally i'm kinda getting tired of it x)
'course its one of the first places u remember about when u think about those kind of SFX but....
bah nvm, good job and keep working :P

nice to see this AGAIN?

I see no changes, the choice in the music is weird? Mario, but no mario.

Igalacka17 responds:

do you just stalk me lol? you commented on every video i made and always a zero cant you just leave me alone?