The Drowning Horse Song

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The song is in Alex Day' (aka Nerimon of youtube) new album 'Parrot Stories', and is performed by Tom Milsom

Thanks for the front page, you crazy, crazy people of Newgrounds.

I should mention that I'm not exactly expecting accolades from you guys or anything.
I know this is quite average, but I did it.
Also, it's rather weird that you vote something worse because it's on the front page.

And nobody picked up on the fact that I spelled 'Drowning' wrong in the animation.
silly people.



dry sense of humor.


Is cool because of the SuperCow


First watch it was very odd..... 2nd watch it started to bring a smile, 3rd time I actually started laughing. So good job, now I am in a good mood again :D 5/5 for you. *MOO*


WTF WAS THAT? *again*

So Simple yet Great.

This was odd at first. But after a few listens it got funnier. I don't know if this is your first flash or something of that sort, but I wish you luck in improving your flash skills, if this is not the case please disregard that and sorry. The song was hard to hear but it was funny once I discerned what the lyrics said. I thought this might be longer, but this was still nice. It isn't as horrible as most reviews described it as, but it still wasn't perfect. I didn't see any symbolism anywhere, but it could be because of my lack of knowledge in the general media and literature (I'm only in high school). But anyways its still good, liked the ending too. Great job.

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RionHunter responds:

Or I was just pulling that guys leg.
there's no symbolism, without making up stuff.
I really need to up the audio quality.
And, as for the flash skill, you have to consider that I didn't take this very seriously.

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Oct 8, 2009
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