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The Drowning Horse Song

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The song is in Alex Day' (aka Nerimon of youtube) new album 'Parrot Stories', and is performed by Tom Milsom

Thanks for the front page, you crazy, crazy people of Newgrounds.

I should mention that I'm not exactly expecting accolades from you guys or anything.
I know this is quite average, but I did it.
Also, it's rather weird that you vote something worse because it's on the front page.

And nobody picked up on the fact that I spelled 'Drowning' wrong in the animation.
silly people.

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i thought it was cute. i was disappointed when he said there was no cow and then there was one sooo anyway i love pixel animation. keep it up!


man is this awesome.
i listen to it everyday since it was posted.
thank you for this masterpiece.

RionHunter responds:

...Every day?
if that's true, you're a madman :P
it's been up for nearly a year now.

...gee, that was fast :/

Hey,hey,ya spelled drowning wrong.

Nice song,Who is Alex?

RionHunter responds:

Alex Day. He's a youtuber. can be found at youtube.com/nerimon


Pretty strange, and really funny. Again, I love that strange, random humour. Should be longer, tho'.. Great pixel animation!


It was a great song clip thing. The dull tone is great with the pixel animation and music. It easily gets into your head.

P.S. I think you missed an "N" in there *wink*

RionHunter responds:

Yeah, I picked up on the missing 'N' a little too late.
Flash crashed just when I finished this, and I hadn't saved.
This was fortunately what I had exported already, but it meant I couldn't go back and fix it.